Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jury Duty

The USA loves me - because I've been selected for jury duty 3 times by the time I am 31! So far I've done federal, county and now city court.

I showed up today and was brought into the court to see if I would be a juror on the case. Only 6 people out of about 15 would be selected. The past two jury duty calls I was selected for a case.

When it came time to call up names, guess who gets call - Yes me AGAIN. I can't believe every time I've been called for jury duty I've made it onto the jury panel each time.

This case was a open container was it possession call? The woman defended herself again the state prosecutor. She didn't give a closing argument, didn't cross examine - it was almost like she didn't care. On top of it her story just didn't seem to add up.

I was head juror because of my experience with jury duty in the past. We all found her guilty and we could give a fine of 0 - 500 and we knew she was living paycheck to paycheck so mentioned that to everyone that $500 to use may not be a big deal but $150 to her will feel like $500 to us. They all agreed and said they felt $150 was the number in their head. We delivered the verdict and that was all.

So far the kids are doing great. Justin has been very whiny lately and it's really annoying. Joey is completely potty trained now - was about a month or two ago. We are so proud of him. It's like the light bulb finally went off.

I've lost 8.2 lbs now in WW. I can really tell. All my clothes are loser, my face looks thinner and I feel great. I think I measured myself and it said I've lost 8 inches too which is sooo awesome. I can't wait to get to WW goal!

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Kristin said...

Jury Duty, totally feel your pain. I have had it a million times, but in some cases, it is a great distraction! I served Federal for two months, made some great friends!