Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Took Joey to the Dr's office yesterday because he coughed all day long non-stop and this was even with cough medicine. She gave him a breathing treatment and sent him home with a borrowed nebulizer and a script for some medicine. So far the breathing treatments have worked great. He has almost stopped coughing completely.

Today he had a dentist appointment. He had no cavities and they say his teeth and the spacing of the teeth look great so we are happy about that. The weird thing is when we saw his last dentist they told us he had two cavities and we didn't get them filled because it was out of network and we were switching to this new dentist. We switch to this new dentist and they tell us how great his teeth are. The other one had already filled 3 of Joey's teeth. Seems fishy to me that the old dentist kept telling him over and over how many cavities he has and then we go to this new dentist and he says his teeth look great. Makes you wonder...

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