Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stressing about Joey's birthday party...

Sorry I actually forgot to blog yesterday. The reason why is the Biggest Loser tv show started a new season and so I watched that. It's a two hour show so by the time it was over it was time for bed.

Lately Justin has been a pistol. I am convinced there are no terrible twos - they are terrible threes. Justin is just obsessed with the cars characters from the Cars movie. He has a bunch of them and they are carried around the entire house at all time. When we go to the store it's all he buys (with his holiday money or allowance money).

This morning getting him to do anything was a chore - he was so focused on these cars he wouldn't do or talk about anything else. Justin let's get dressed, let's use the potty, find your shoes or other simple tasks became a pain to do today. He lost his 'treat' that he gets for being good and cooperative in the morning today because of his new attitude.

Joey on the other hand is obsessed with Star wars. He seriously never talks about anything else. You talk to him and he'll start talking about General Grevious or other star wars figures. He opens his mouth and it's star wars.

My kids are obsessed.... with .... star wars... and cars movie characters .......

I guess there could be worse things to be obsessed with, right?

Today I went to the gym and do the flex class there. I really liked it and was happy I was able to do most of the weight exercises without stopping. I'm sure I'll feel sore in about two days though!

Tonight for dinner was peppered Parmesan pork - and it was fried in oil - NOT my favorite way to cook at all. Joe wasn't sure he liked it at first and then declared he really liked it. I told him next time we make it mine is being baked in the oven.

Last night I had weight watchers weigh in and lost 2.4 lbs. I'm happy about that. It was a loss over the holidays. Yay me!

I am stressing out over Joey's birthday party. We were going to have it at our house and make it simple but the list grew to 10 boys and we figured that was a bit too much, even for our house. So we made a call to our YMCA and got costs and decided we'd do a sports party there but they didn't call me back today! Now I have to figure out a date and send invites. *sigh*. Some people LOVE to party plan - like my neighbor Desiree. I, on the other hand, do NOT like to do party planning. I HATE it. It's not my thing. It stresses me out. Augh! Something that SHOULD be fun is now not fun at all! I'm worried people will be bored after a little while, disappointed, etc. I shouldn't be, right?

Tonight we ran to Target and Joe sneaked Joey's gift while we were on the other side of the store buying cupcake mix for Joey's birthday for his class on Friday. Joey will be six! Joe ended up getting him Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii. He's been talking non stop about the Batman game so I know he'll be happy with it.

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