Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy days...

Yesterday we actually got a lot done. We went to the park because it was a nice day out and near 60 degrees - wonderful for January.

Afterward we got home and we ended up picking up the entire house AND taking down all the Christmas stuff. I couldn't believe it. Last weekend on Sunday when we did our cleaning it took HOURS. It seemed like so much was out of place. This weekend it took about 30 minutes max. It was great.

The Christmas stuff didn't take long to take down either. Joey helped me and earned extra allowance money for helping out extra around the house. It was sad to watch the Christmas decorations go away for another year. We really liked seeing the staircase lit up and the formal tree lit up all pretty in the front room.

Today was MLK day so Joe and I had the day off. We were invited to drop the kids off at the new daycare so we could try it out. We dropped them off shortly after 9am this morning and they were happy to go.

I came home and was NOT in a good mood today. I should have been in a good mood. I had the day to myself. The kids were at daycare and I could do whatever I wanted but I was just in a poor mood. I don't know what my deal was.

Joe and I went to Genghris Grill for lunch. It's like a mongolian bbq place where you pick the meat, sauce and veggies and they cook it for you. It was good and we would definitely go back. We had a buy one get one free bowl so that helped too.

After we came home and I took a nap. I am 31 and still can't give up my naps. I guess if the kids need a daily recharge, then so do I!!

When I woke up we decided to go get the kids. It was around 3:30. The kids had a good time. We are going to put down the deposit for Justin tomorrow.

This evening we went to the park again. It was 64 today and windy so it felt a bit chillier. Joe was pushing Justin on the swing and doing an under dog and accidentally caught Justin by the foot and he fell off the swing. Joe felt so so bad. Justin cried but luckily there was very soft wood chips on the ground and he was fine. Not even a scratch luckily!

These were taken today with my cell phone.

When we got home Joey and I worked on his student of the week poster. We printed out multiple photos and used my cricut letter cutter and and a few stickers. It turned out really nice. I need to take a photo of him with it.

That was about it. Potty training is going ok. Justin pooped once on the potty on Sunday. Then he pooped his underwear that afternoon. He has had no pee accidents but pooped his underwear again today and lost his new Sally the car (from the Car's movie) that we got home this weekend. I hope he can figure this out soon :(

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Melissa said...

Good luck with the potty training!! I don't miss those days.... =)