Sunday, January 31, 2010

Joey's birthday party

I had a New Years resolution to update my blog more often and so far that has fallen by the wayside. For the past two weeks I worked about 12-14 hour days. I'd start at 9am, work until 6. Take care of the family and then work again from 9pm until 1am. I was so exhausted last week. I was so glad when the stuff I coded finally got approved and was ready to go live.

That is why I haven't been updating lately. I've been working until the wee hours of the morning.

We've also been planning for Joey's birthday party. We ended up with 16 boys, 18 total if you count Joey and Justin. We had an hour in the YMCA gym and another half hour in the back room for cake, pizza and ice cream. It was a bit chaotic with 18 boys running around full of energy but I believe everyone had a nice time.  Joey had a great time and I guess that's what really matters, right?!

Justin is potty trained now. I don't remember if I wrote last that we were looking for new daycares. His daycare is a good 15 min drive one way and then another 15 minutes back. We looked around and found one that is literally 3 minutes away and a great daycare. He started the 15th of February. In order for him to go into the pre-kinder class he had to be potty trained. We went gung ho right into underwear that weekend and haven't looked back. Sure he's had a few accidents. He pooped once on the potty and then did the rest in his underwear. That was NOT fun. Then we kept working with him. The next time he went on the potty and told us all by himself! Then 5 minutes later went and loaded his underwear. Then after that he did that ONE more time (went on the potty, then his underwear) and then after, no accident. He's pooped on the potty every time since for a week now. He's had one or two pee accidents and we are still working on night training. I am soooo happy. He'll be ready to go into the prekinder class at the new school! What's even better is NO MORE PULLUPS (well except at night but still!). I am so so happy.

On that same note JOEY has had NO ACCIDENTS! THANK GOD!!!! Yes Joey is almost 6 but getting him to this point was so difficult. I thought for sure we'd have the same issues with Justin. Luckily potty training Justin has been way easier than we imagined it would be. I am so very thankful!!

SO that is our big news lately. Potty training and finally getting Justin to that point. Also I'm pretty proud of him. He's not even 3 1/2 and he's potty trained. Can you tell I am so very happy about this?!

Last night I was reading a book to Joey about seasons and it talked about at the end of the season a baby animal leaves his parents because he knows how to take care of himself. I told him when he's about 18 or so he'll leave his mommy and daddy and go to college. I told him eventually everyone grows up and moves away. His lip started to tremble and he started to cry. I didn't say it to upset him, just wanted to talk to him about the cycle of life. I know when he's 18 he won't remember this day but it made me feel really loved and happy. I'm so glad my little guy loves his mommy!

Justin has been getting up at night about 5 times just because he can stall. Most of his excuses are he has to pee, he has to pee again, he has to poop, he is thirsty and so on. It's getting a bit annoying. We are trying to work with it.

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