Friday, January 8, 2010

Joey turns 6

Let's start with yesterday.

For some reason Joe and I both had 'one of those days' at work. We were both exhausted and neither of us felt like making dinner. We decided to drop the kids off at the drop in daycare and go to Maggiano's for a nice Italian dinner with the gift card we got from his boss.

Joe and I had a really nice time. It's a pretty upscale restaurant. He got some sort of sausage and pasta dish. I got a mushroom ravioli dish. I tried a salad that had bleu cheese on it and I have to say that I still hate bleu cheese. It tastes like rotten cheese. It's so nasty I couldn't even eat the salad I got.

The main dish was wonderful. We both loved it.

The kids were overly tired when we brought them home. It was near 10pm and way past their bedtime. Joe swore up and down that never again would we go out during a week night.

Today was Joey's birthday - he turned 6. When I walked out of my room this morning he informed that today was HIS birthday. He definitely knew what day it was on.

Joey went to school and I had lunch with him. He was happy to eat lunch with me. I brought him his favorite - McDonalds chicken nuggets with bbq sauce.

Afterward I had an appt with his psychologist to go over his ADHD results and the results were that he does NOT have ADHD and that the issues he's experiencing in class are most likely due to his full hearing loss in his left ear. I'm still working on the school and getting them to finally provide the fm radio system in which the teacher wears a transmitter and Joey has a radio on his desk so he can hear the teacher talk from wherever she is in the room. They are supposed to call me on Monday and let me know what the status is.

When Joe got home today he let Joey open one gift - and it was the Indiana Jones Lego Wii game.

We then ate dinner and it was blackberry balsamic chicken. Joe raved about it and said it was excellent.

Afterward Joey opened his other gifts - money from Grandma and Grandpa Dziekan, money from Grandma Char and Grandma Norma along with 2 dvd movies, and the Batman Lego Wii game that he really wanted from us.

Joe and Joey played the Batman lego game after dinner and decided it wasn't that great because they couldn't figure out how to get past the first level.

They played Indiana Jones and they both thought it was a fun game. They stayed up until 10pm playing.

Justin and I had some good one on one time tonight. We put together some puzzles he got for Christmas, he did a little bit of coloring with the new art set Grandma Char got the kids for Christmas and then we did some reading. During the reading we got into a tickle match and then decided to play catch with a new nerf style football I picked up today at the store.

Overall everyone had a very nice day today, despite the fact it was the coldest dya of the year so far. As I'm typing this at 10 at night it's 18 degrees outside. This morning the windchill was -5 to 0. Isn't that crazy? The weather here has been unseasonably cold and all of us are waiting for it to warm back up into the 50s!

Today I sent out the invites for Joey's birthday party that we are having at the YMCA. I have already had multiple responses saying the kids are coming. I used the free service called which tracks responses. My neighbor encouraged me to use it and frankly, almost everyone hates calling on the phone to rsvp. Most, like myself, would rather email their rsvp's to people because it's quick and easy and they can do it anytime. With you just say yes or no and put down how many you are rsvp'ing for and that's all! How easy is that?!

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Melissa said...

I love evite - I use it to plan nights out with friends. I used it for Thanksgiving too - the potluck option worked out great.