Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm a slacker!!

I had the best intentions to post in my blog every day - I really did. But what I didn't anticipate was that I would be doing a conversion for work in which I was working until midnight or 1am from Tuesday - Friday! That was pretty much the deal breaker on me updating daily. I was exhausted and putting a lot of energy into working.

We are looking for a new daycare for Justin. We toured a Montessori in the area and we weren't too impressed. It looked like the kids just weren't having fun. They were doing really cool stuff for learning, but at age 3 I want my son to also have fun. We then were referred to another school across the street and we loved it. Justin and Joey loved it too and we had to literally rip them out of there. They are going for a free day on Monday! We are looking for a new daycare because I'm just sick of the drive all the way out to his current daycare and frankly, I'm tired of spending as much as we do for his childcare. It's so expensive it's not funny. Let's just say we are paying over $1000 a month. Yeah, ouch. I think he's at the point now where he can fit in just fine in a preschool class and let us know if there is anything wrong.

Sooo in order for him to go into the prekinder class and not into the preschool class at the new school Justin has to be completely potty trained. So the past two days we cold turkey put him in underwear. Yesterday he had no accidents. Today he had two potty accidents. The part that concerns me is he hasn't pooped in two days and he is normally pretty regular (like twice a day, every day). I'm afraid maybe we are pushing him too early but at the same time I don't want to miss a window of opportunity to potty train him, especially if it means he can go into the advanced class at this new school. I think he would be bored in the other class but they would work with him on potty training if that was the case. I guess we'll see.

Yesterday I went out with a friend I've known since grade school. She was in town for a class and so we met at the outlet malls near my house and I drove her out to La Hacienda Ranch, which is a tex mex restaurant. We had a fantastic time. Talked like we've known each other for year. It was so nice to get out and have a good time with a girlfriend! Afterwards we went shopping at the outlet mall and both her and I got columbia fleece jackets. I love it. It's so soft and cozy.

Today Joey had a birthday party and that went from around 11am to 2pm. It was a lot of fun. It was at a bowling alley and Joey did really good bowling for his first time. They had bumpers. The first part of the game he used this metal ramp to help the ball down and then I convinced his entire team to just throw the ball down the lane and they all started to do better, I think because they were throwing it harder then it came down the ramp. Joey won the first game, just barely! The last frame he threw a spare and got an extra frame! He beat CJ by two pins. The the second game his friend Riley was the winner.

The last few weeks Texas went through a deep freeze. We had one day it was -5 to 0 windchill in the morning! This past week it finally warmed up to the 50s. Next week we are looking at high 60s - in JANUARY! I love this warm weather! We also have had our first rain in a few weeks so I got to test out my wireless rain gauge. It has an alarm on it and beep when it starts raining. It also measure the amount of rain we got. We got .15 inches from the latest rain storm. I think that is so neat. I swear I am the biggest weather geek! Joe would actually say I'm the biggest GEEK :)

Tomorrow is clean the house day and take down the rest of the Christmas stuff. What fun! Actually I'm not really looking forward to it. It's much more fun to put the tree up then to take it down.

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