Monday, January 4, 2010

Back on schedule...

Gosh, it's so nice to be back on schedule - even if it means everyone is back to their job/school.

Everything seems to flow better when people are on a schedule. We wake up, we eat breakfast, we get the kids ready and send them to school/daycare. We work. They come home, we cook dinner, and we get ready for bed.

There were no meltdowns today (well one before bed but they were tired so that didn't really count). It was just nice, almost peaceful and calming.

The other reason I may be calm today is because my house is clean - yes I said CLEAN. When I walk through my house and I see everything picked up and put away I feel a sense of calm.

Joey did better today with his potty stuff. That is good news.

I went to Zumba tonight and it was pretty packed - new years resolutions and all. I met a very nice woman at the gym and gave her my information. Maybe we'll even hook up and work out together?

Joey and Justin had quite the meltdown tonight before bed over Joey's squirrel that Grandma and Grandpa got him when they were in town. Justin wanted it and Joey, who hadn't slept with it in a few nights all of a sudden realized it was the coolest stuffed animal and wanted it too. Before you know it they were both fighting over this poor squirrel. We finally asked Joey to let Justin sleep with it since he had Arnie the Armadillo. He finally agreed, though not happy about it.

The thing about Arnie is I sing a song about Arnie. I made it up and it's completely silly - it goes like this:
ARNIE the Armadillo - he walks to and fro
ARNIE the Armadillo - he walks to and fro
He likes to eat ants (Arnie's nose now tickles the boys),
He likes to eat ants (Arnie's nose now tickles the boys),
ARNIE the Armadillo - he walks to and fro!

That is all the song is but the kids LOVE it. I've been singing it for about 2 years now but Arnie was at Grandma's. We recently brought him home with us.

Tonight I threw in at the end
Arnie the Armadillo - He wants to go to sleep!
Justin perked up from the bottom bunk, 'No mommy, he walks to and fro!'

Of course - Justin was right. Mommy DID change the song :)

Justin's new favorite thing is from the Cars Movie - Frank the Combine. They don't make him anymore so Justin spent $20 of his Christmas money to buy one on ebay and doesn't quite get that we have to wait for them to ship it to us. He can't wait to get Frank!

Tonight I made Joe's favorite recipe - Chicken Picatta. He says it's his all time favorite recipe and he likes it so much he can eat 6 pieces of it (2 pieces = one chicken breast). There is never ever any leftovers. He raved about it over and over.

That's about all. Pretty quiet today, which was nice.

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