Monday, August 31, 2009

working out - again

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About to torture myself at Desiree's house doing P90x for the next hour as if 45min of Zumba tonight wasn't enough!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


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Wow, it's not even SEVENTY this morning? 69 degrees outside. I have ALL my windows open. This is amazing. We are usually fortunate to be in the 70s as NIGHT.


Thinks it will be a good day to clean.

LOL...Seriously - how can one's office turn into a huge paper clutter area? If there was a fire my office would burn up in minutes. I am constantly recycling papers in here. The paper clutter is soooooo annoying!


Trying a new park. It is only 83 outside. It is so unbeliveably nice out. Joe says it is too cold to go to the pool ;)

Later that evening:

Justin decided to help mommy water her planters and took a GALLON of bubbles and poured it in. I had to literally PULL OUT the plants, rinse them off, remove all the dirt, clean out the planter and replant them. Lovely... At least he was trying to be helpful! :)

PS - even after rinsing the plant and changing the dirt - the plant died.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Justin turns 3

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My youngest is THREE today!! No more kids - that was the last 2's we'll experience. >> Joey said, 'Wow, Justin is THREE now? He doesn't look any bigger'. I guess he was thinking Justin would grow magically overnight whe...n he turned three :) - We have a small cake from Coldstone Creamery for dinner tonight! // Such changes this week - my oldest started Kinder and now Justin turned three. Kids can make you feel OLD! :)

We went to coldstone creamery and got Justin this small cake.

He decided he wanted Paige and Nicholas to come over. He has this 'thing' for Paige across the street. She's 13 - a whole 10 years old but Justin doesn't care.

She loves him, he loves her - lol. He also likes how she skateboards. Maybe that's where he got this obsession. Anyhow he wanted Paige to come over and show him how to use his skateboard.

Justin with his ice cream cake. It was so good.

Justin turns 3!

Blowing out the candle!

Try #2! :)

Justin's birthday

I love this photo. He's like, check me out!

His first wipeout. He decided he wanted to ride down the driveway. He made it about 3 inches. :)

We took the boys to the park afterwards. Our neighbors went with us. Here's Justin, Austin and Joey.

Justin and his skateboard.

Justin's birthday

Joey, Justin, Paige and Nicholas.

Justin and I.

Joey thought he was so funny putting this on his head. You can even see the candyland game in there!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Justin's birthday gift

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Justin, my soon to be 3yr old (tomorrow) is now the proud owner of a skateboard. It was all he wanted for his birthday. He keeps telling me he wants to do tricks down the stairs with it. Thank Joe for that one - and for showing Justin stunt videos on... youtube. Justin will be the one to give me gray hair.

Justin has been wanting skateboards. I do not know where he got this obsession from. He had this little handheld skateboard that came from Sonic in a happy meal type thing and he liked it so much he'd sleep with it.

We went to Toys R Us with his birthday money and he got a few more 'techdech' skateboards. They are small and fit in your hand.

Then he decided he wanted a real skateboard.

We gave in and got him one for his age range. We also got him all the padding so if he did fall, he wouldn't get hurt. He put on his bike helmet, elbow and knee guards and gloves for his hands to protect his palms/hands.

He was so happy with his birthday gift.

Trying out his new skateboard. All he would do is get on it and stand.

Check me out mom!

Justin is so happy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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I'm already done with this week's assignment in my class. Yippee. Now I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week.


Today was one of those days I wanted those people to take me out in a white straight jacket and all the while I wasn't sure whether I needed to have a good cry or punch something really hard.

Kids...specifically Joey and more so the potty training stuff still. It's going to drive me to the loony bin.

It like one of those days I've thought about getting Captain out of the cupboard after the kids have gone to bed. Captain and coke. hmmmmmm - and I RARELY ever drink!

And if Justin gets out of bed one more time tonight....

lol...I've been doing other things too. For instance Sat is Justin's birthday so I have 24 cupcakes in the oven right now... *sigh*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Joey loves school - still working on the potty training though no accidents at school. Justin does not have an ear infection - rather an infected tonsil that makes it seem like his ears hurt. Motrin helps. I started my college class. It's WEIRD actually be taking a college class again and have to do HOMEWORK. I still can't believe Joey is in kinder.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Joey's first day of school! Joey goes to kindergarten!

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Joey's very first day of school today!!!!!!

This was a recap of Joey's first day entering preschool. He's dazed - I tried to show him where his lunch box and bag goes and he glazes over. We walk him to his table which has a nice bin of flat wooden blocks and he sits down looking TICKED OFF - folds his arms and says, 'Blocks are BORING'. I think he's going to be in for a rude awakening and I hope it straightens out his bad attitude he's had lately.

No, I didn't cry when Joey went to school. I was so used to dropping him off at preschool and daycare all these years that it wasn't that big of a deal. It didn't really hit until a few days after this that he was in school now - every day. *sigh*.

Joey was so excited to start school. He was so bored of being at home during the school that he was ready to see and meet new friends and do the whole school scene.

Joe even took off 1/2 the day to watch Joey start his first day of school!

Joey is ready with his school bag.

Joey ready for his first day.

Justin came with us.

Joey at his table.

Funny story - the first day Joey sits at his table and he has blocks on his table. He crosses his arms, and says, 'Mom I am not happy. Blocks are for babies'. He was mad and we told him, 'Have fun, we are leaving'. He ended up having a good day but told us he did not like the blocks -he would have rather played with the chain links at another table.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


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Did my intervals running workout at the Y this am. 2 miles. Now off to do errands.

Going grocery shopping WITHOUT the kids. They are going to the drop in daycare :)


Friday, August 21, 2009


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Scrapbooking ROCKED tonight. It was great to see Cindy again :)

These are the pages I did tonight:


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet the teacher night...

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Tonight was meet the teacher at school. CHAOTIC - need I say more? Parents and kids and more kids and more kids. School starts MONDAY!!!

Joey found out his teacher is Mrs. Davis and she is just the sweetest teacher in the world. They have a meet the teacher night so the kids can go into their new classroom, see where they sit and meet the teacher.

Joey playing in the play center.

Joey and Mrs. Davis.

Joey's classroom. He sits at the circle table.

Joey's cubbie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

working out - again

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Ready to go to Desiree's to do the P90x beach body workout. Had a great evening visiting with Vicki and her family. The boys were really good - full of energy but really good :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working out...blech

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Sorry Desiree but I am NOT looking forward to tonight's workout - push-ups and pull-ups over and over. bleck ;p

Another post:

going to the park with the boys.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Company photo contest

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Trying to decide if I want to enter our company's photo contest this year. Hmmm I just don't know yet.

These are the ones I entered:



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Potty training woes

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I will be amazed if my FIVE year old son ever gets the potty training thing down. It is the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced as a parent.

Reply to comments:

Jeez it is good to know I am not alone. Everyone's kids around here are potty trained and can't not even understand what I've gone through. I'm just so nervous because he starts K next Mon (24th). I thought by FIVE we'd be in the clear. I guess I was so wrong. I can't even make him care about it - he has to care on his own. *sigh*...

Friday, August 14, 2009

My birthday!

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At La Hacienda Ranch for my birthday dinner.

I officially turned 31. Lovely....

We went out to dinner at La Hacienda Ranch - one of our favorite restaurants.

Joe called ahead to have them sing to me or embarrass me (I did not know this). When we were done with dinner and Justin was antsy and wanted to get out of the restaurant now. I told Joe was taking him outside and he could get our food boxed up and take care of the check.

I never got sang to. The workers were too busy to get together in time and I left before they were able. Joe was bummed but they did give us a free dessert. See my birthday brownie. It was soo good.

We went to the park afterward to let the kids run around.

When we got home we noticed they packed us some ice cream! Had we known that we would have probably ate it at the park. It was mostly melted by the time we dug into it but it was soo good anyhow!

See 31 on the cake (the candle 3 and the one lone candle for a 1).

Everyone helping me blow out the candles.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joey's kinder screening!

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Visiting Vicki at the hospital at lunch because her son Ethan will be there for 8 hours for a peanut desensitation testing (praying for good results for them) THEN Joey has KINDER screening today. My big boy starts kinder on the 24th! OMG....!

Status later:

Battery dead again today. I finally took it in to get it replaced.

Status at 4:20 pm:

Joey had his kinder screening today and met his teacher and saw his classroom and he absolutely can not wait to start Kindergarten. :)

Status that evening:

Off to do beach body workout with Desiree - again. :) Link in case you were wondering. It's a set of dvds to help you gain muscle/tone/lose weight.

It is the P90X. It is seriously the most kick butt training. I am so whipped when I'm done. I did arm weights yesterday, today I did the one where it's high impact squatting, hopping, etc and tomorrow I hear it's arms again. Whew! It's an hour long too! It's nice to have a friend to workout with and keep you accountable.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joey is growing like a weed

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Joey just grew out of another size of clothes. *sigh* He's going to be a tall boy!

 Later that evening:

Doing the Beach Body workout with Desiree.