Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mon/Tue of vacation - no photos but busy...

Monday I actually went to work. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been in the office. It was so nice seeing my colleagues again and I really do miss the office environment. I talk to my kids during the day or no one and everyone else at least gets to see and talk to people. I went out to lunch with Chris and Lori and Steve joined us from his home on vacation. I left work at 2pm.

The drive home was nice. I forgot how nice it is to just drive and listen to the radio and think without hearing kids in the background. All I did was think and it was so nice to collect my thoughts and hear silence.

Once home we got ready to run to downtown Detroit to the Tigers game. My mom stayed home and watched the boys for us so we had a real date! First Joe and I hit up Lafayette Coney – the best coney dogs in the world! YUM.

Then we found a place to park and walked to the Tigers game. We actually found one of Joe’s colleagues from work in the crowd (what a coincidence!) and gave him an extra ticket we had so he could come in the park and talk to us a bit. It was nice to catch up with John.

Joe bought me a score card and I kept score during the game. Funny how over a year goes by between major league games and I really didn’t forget much about keeping the score of a baseball game. Each time a person is up to bat you write down what happened (struck out, walked, how far they got, etc or if they were out because of a play in the game you record that). It keeps me in the game and makes it fun.

Joe bought me a gigantic margarita. I swear there was no alcohol in it. I didn’t even feel buzzed and I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking.

During the 7th inning Joe went to the Tigers Shop and bought himself a banner for the game room and 2 little baby tiger stuffed animals for the boys. I was keeping score outside the shop by watching the tv outside of the shop and the two people keeping watch at the door were impressed a ‘girl’ was taking score – haha.

Joe and I had an awesome time. The tigers lost in the last inning. That wasn’t great but we were so happy we got to GO to the game and stay the entire time without having to run after the kids. It was a nice, relaxing date. I love that!


We packed up for our stuff from my parent’s house and drove up to see Grandma Norma (Joe’s Grandma) and Grandma Char (Joe’s mom). The boys were sooo happy to get to Grandma Norma’s house. They were so excited to play with all the toys they haven’t seen for 6 months.

That evening we drove to Yale to be with a college friend, Andy. The grandmas watched the boys and we drove to a funeral as we found out that morning Andy’s father passed away. Andy was very happy to see us as he was not expecting us. We talked for about 20 minutes and then Andy had to greet others and we left. It was nice to see Andy again. We haven’t seen him in year since he left the bank that I work at (Andy and I went to college together and then both worked at the same company and he left a few years ago to start his own business).

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