Friday, July 31, 2009

Date night

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going on a date with hubby. Kids are at drop in daycare.

later that evening:

What recession? Every restaurant around here has a wait and is packed.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Classes and Zumba

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Is contemplating taking java or visual basic .net (with other .net). Java is used more at work but .net is more interesting to me. Java also starts with coding GAMES in c# (NOT INTERESTED IN GAMES!!). .net - that's fun web stuff. I think I'm leaning toward

Later that evening a facebook post:

Time for ZUMBA!! :)

Later that night:

I am saying the dumbest stuff lately. Just now, due to lack of sleep, I walked upstairs to check on the boys and went to tell Joe I was going to bed, except I said, 'I'm leaving.'. He thought I was telling him I was leaving him! I started to laugh at my dumb mistake...!

Joe's response: I didn't think it was funny


The cat's surprise

A woman on freecycle asked me if she could send my cats free samples of her catnip bags. Coincidentally, after I gave her my address, she said she knew my neighbor that lives across the street. Small world!

She sent my cats each their own little catnip bag and they had a field day with that. Each cat was very possessive with their own bag. They licked them, laid on them, chewed on them and batted them around with their paws.

I have to say they went over quite well and are so much better made than the ones in Petsmart or those other mass marketers.

She has her own website. If you want to make your cat happy - you should check her out. My cat's would vouch for this testimonial!

Handmade Cat Pads and Catnip Toys
Janis Bowen - owner or

Kali licking hers.

Sasha laying on hers.

Alex, the possessive one.

TyTy chowing on his.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Working the evening... and a surprise....

Facebook post:

Working the evening shift today due to a system upgrade. Going to spend the day with the boys :)

Later that day:

I just woke up from a nap. Justin just woke up slightly before me, got a crayon and wrote over both of my sofa's (BLUE CRAYON), my floor and a fabric computer chair. Let us not forget the table too. I have no clue how I'm getting crayon out of the two sofa

Usually in the past I've taken photos. Today I was too mad to take photos. Actually I think I was too worried about the couch.

BTW the crayon came out with a lot of rubbing and water - believe it or not.

Later that evening - facebook post:

I miss my friends from home :(

and later:

That's not it at all. I just miss the nights with my girlfriends scrapbooking all night and chatting non-stop. We just don't have anyone like that here. I miss the girls (and Duane, miss you too!)...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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I guess I should eat lunch huh? It's only 4pm.

Later that evening another facebook post:

Just got back from a 2 mile run with Desiree. It's humid out! Whew!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

College - again...

I've decided to go back to college to learn a few new programming languages. This was my first day on campus registering and getting all the paperwork taken care of.

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Is going to see the counselor at our local community college tonight because I am going back to school to take some java coding classes. Yes, you heard it right!!

Have I said yet it feels weird to be in a college building again? Waiting for an advisor. 

This college application stuff is a PITA.


The best way to play DS

Doesn't this look comfortable? :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid's quirks

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My kids certainly have their quirks. Justin is sitting on the couch watching Diego with his sunglasses on. Joey insists on laying on the floor on his back under my formal dining room table to play his DS. Funny.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Celebration park

Facebook post:

taking kids to Celebration splash park. 

July 25 at 11:58am

Another post:

Off to try Celebration park again. Noon was too hot and Justin nearly burned with spf 45 and only 20 min outside!

Another facebook post:

stopping at Sonic for their yummy limeades.

We also stopped at my friend's Ingrid's house and she gave the boys a play tunnel that they can crawl through! SO cool!

Another facebook post:

Have I ever said I love living in Texas?? I love it here! I love the town I live in, the people, the weather and everything. I love it!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


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we heard a thud upstairs and poor Justin rolled off the bed. :( He's fine. Just tired.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to the playground

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Went to the park with Justin for some mommy/daddy time. Joey went to Hawaiian Falls waterpark with a friend.

We liked the playground so much that we decided to go back a few days later.

Justin in the airplane.

Justin in the airplane.

Justin playing t-ball.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hail in the middle of the summer???

My facebook post:

Pea size hail in July. 90 degrees outside. Amazing. It's POURING and the moron golfers are STILL on the golf course with lightening, thunder, rain and HAIL. MORONS.

It was about 90 degrees out when we got this penny sized hail. It was the wildest thing I had ever seen. Hail and 90 degrees? It doesn't make sense!

Not only that - can you see the dumbass golfers out on the course. They tried to stick out the rain and hail. They sat in their golf carts, finally put up their umbrellas and about 15 minutes into it decided it wasn't going to quit and then went back to the club house.

Golfers are so amusing! There was lightening too - I tell you - stupid people!!!!

Hail on the golf course. Dumb golfers on the cart path.

Our backyard.

Another shot of the dumb golfers.

Our grass filled with hail.

The boy's new sandbox...

My facebook post:

Joe built a big sandbox for the boys today. He even painted it to match the house and built a top for it. The boys were so excited to play in it. He's the best husband ever!

Joe has been throwing around the idea of building a sandbox for the boys for quite a long time now. The boys had a turtle sandbox but it was too small for both the boys to sit in. Because of the lack of space the boys would fight.

One day Joe decided he was going to build it. He went to Lowe's and purchased all the boards, painted them to match the trim of our house (so the home owners association wouldn't fine us) and then filled it up with sand. The kids were so excited they could barely wait for us to put in all the sand.

Joe even crafted a lid to go over the top to keep out the elements and any stray animals.

Joe filling in the sandbox with new sand.

The kids are so happy with their new sandbox!

Happy Justin!

Playing nicely together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joule Hotel in Dallas

I never heard of this before until a friend mentioned this to me. Isn't this wild? It's a hotel in Dallas that has a POOL that OVERHANGS the building! Joe has said he's seen it downtown where he works. This is just wild!!



Bubble Head

Joey had the great idea one day to be a ghost. He put these bubbles all over his face, stood up in the tub and admired his creation in the mirror.

Bubble face.

I'm so cool.


Friday, July 17, 2009


On Friday night's - usually the third Friday of the month, I am scrapbooking at a woman's house from our church. It's fun to go to and I usually stay a few hours and pound out a few layouts!

Here are some of my newest ones:

 Joe, Joey and Justin.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new playground!

There are so many great playgrounds in our town - at least 20! We decided to check out a new playground that I had heard about from some of the moms in my mom's group. This park had a splash pad and a jungle gym. The kids loved playing with the new playground equipment and ended the evening with a run through the splash pad.

The playground!

Joey up above.

Silly Joey.

Joe smiling for me.

A new playground!

Joey climbing the rock wall.

Walking through the spray ring.

Joey by the beautiful flowers.

Justin trying out the bouncy flying plane.