Monday, June 29, 2009

Relaxing...the cushion way

The boys frequently take the cushions off my couches and move them around the room. This day they took them and stacked them between the couch and the end table and sat on them and watched tv. It was quite funny!

Justin hanging out.

Justin on the cushions.

Justin again.

I wish I were the cat. See how comfortable she looks *sigh*.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thomas Envy

Well this was part of Joey's Thomas collection. No one plays with them anymore so we listed the entire lot on craigslist for $200. We had a lady come and take them all the next day.

We were going to get Joey a Wii game but he said he instead wanted a Nintendo DS so we went out this day and got him his Nintendo DS and a Mario game. He's one happy camper.

Thomas Trains galore

Thomas Trains organized

All the different playsets for the Thomas Take a longs

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pizza CHEESE....

We've recently learned how to make stromboli from scratch and a new way to make home made pizzas.

In addition, Justin has learned the 'cheese' way to smile.

CHEESE. What a goofball.

Check 0ut THESE Stromboli!

CHEESE again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hit by a golf ball

Joey was down playing at Braxton's house. He was jumping on the trampoline with Camille and Braxton when all of a sudden a golf ball flies through the yard and pelt Joey on the shoulder.

The parents were not home and the neighbor, Paige, was watching the kids. Braxton looked at the ball, saw it was NOT a type his dad collected and threw it back on the course. The guy never knew his bad shot hit my son.

They came down to our house and Joe yelled out the back door, 'THANKS FOR HITTING MY SON WITH YOUR GOLF BALL' but I don't think the golfer heard as he was already on his way to the second hole.

This is what it looks like to be hit with the golf ball. Poor Joey. Luckily he didn't get hit harder. Believe it or not, it didn't bruise.

Joey hit by a golf ball.

Freecycle and Flylady - my Favorite two F things!

Freecyclers have been blessing us left and right lately. If you haven't checked out freecycle - you should! - join the local one near you. What it is - people post wanted or free ads and if you reply back and the person chooses you, you go to their house to get the item. Most of the time it's a porch pickup so you don't even have to meet the person.

The past few months we've received the following and have been so blessed because of it. I think everyone is feeling the pinch in the economy!
  • A hose reel (I've always wanted one and now my hose isn't just sitting in a mess in front of the house!)
  • Size 4 pair of swim trunks for Justin which I think he can wear now. A nice 'cars' pair.
  • A remote controlled car, a bubble blowing push lawn mower, 3 cartoon dvds, a construction truck that  makes noises and a few puppets of Elmo and Cookie Monster!
  • 10 gallon trash bag of girls clothes size 6-12 months for my friend Lori who just found out she's having a girl and has NO girl clothes!
  • An eye spy game which Joey and I love to play!
  • A brand new vsmile playing cartridge of Shrek.
  • 2 pairs of size 4 cargo shorts for Justin
  • A pair of shorts for me and a few t-shirts for Joe
  • 6 foot silk tree that looks great in my formal living room
  • A BAG of boys clothes size 4 - which Justin will fit into this fall - which included a nice jacket/coat. This was a very nice set of clothes for Justin. 
  • Men's XL shirts which we got a TON of new dress shirts for Joe! This was a really nice bag of clothes for Joe. He got a few new polo collared shirts too out of the deal!
  • a one foot stack of one sided paper, perfect for scrap printing. We NEEDED this! :)
  • A bag of misc toy cars that Justin just loved
  • Some clothes for me and some purple crocs
  • A bag of stuffed animals, most talking
  • A bag of board games, like bingo, operations, etc
Every little bit helps - esp with the clothes, games and toys!

Let me say I don't just take stuff from freecycle. We got rid of a few toys, a thermometer and a few other things recently. I give back too. I gave back a lot in our local freecycle back in Michigan as well. It's great. People are looking to get rid of stuff and people are looking to get stuff.

Another cool thing - have you seen Flylady ( She helps you get organized and declutter and keep your house presentable. It talk about her a lot because she's helped me SOO much.

She actually posted the testimonial I sent to her! I was so excited. Here is what it said. I was so excited they posted my testimonial. It goes out to over 500,000 members!

FlyLady and Kelly,

I thought of you two many times last night.

My dear husband loves his children and we were at the park at the end of the street. My husband was playing on my son's razor scooter and was going as fast as he could, lost control and did a complete somersault into the ground, his shoulder taking the impact. It looked like something out the movies!

He stood up and announced he needed to go to the ER. He heard something 'pop'.

I had both kids with us who are 5 and 2 1/2. I had my cell phone on me. I immediately called my neighbor to ask if she could watch the boys while I took DH to emergency after 8pm at night.

FlyLady - you helped me because I had an emergency plan. We are new to living in Texas. We moved here a year ago from living all our lives in Michigan and we have no family here to lean on in an emergency. I've asked around enough to find out where to go in case of an emergency. The last thing you need is to be faced with an emergency and not know where to go! I knew who I would call to help us (we had wonderful neighbors that watched the kids).

We got home from the park and our wonderful neighbors were there ready to help. I was able to run inside. The laundry was folded and put away. I was able to pull together the kids pj's and overnight diaper in less than 5 seconds. I explained the night routine we have the boys on to the neighbors. The house was picked up. The dishes were in the dishwasher and sink was empty. It's because of my routines and finding FlyLady that I was able to get out of the house very quickly and get my husband the care he needed. They reported the kids were on routine and went to bed easily that evening.

You help me in the unfortunate event of an accident. I was calm and collected. I knew this was because I was prepared and had routines in place.

Please make sure your FlyBabies have a control journal and know who they will call in an emergency and where they would go. We tend to push this off like it won't happen to us. Unfortunately accidents happen to everyone! There are many hospitals in our area where we live. Through research we asked around for the best and when we went our homework paid off. The care was great at the ER we went to.

Also, please tell your FlyBabies to please be careful on their kid's toys. It's fun to play with your kids, but accidents can happen! Through this accident we've actually met a lot of other parents who've had similar experiences with getting hurt on their kids toys. I'm sure they were like us and just trying to have fun with their kids! Please be careful!

Thanks again,
FlyBaby flying in Dallas!

PS - I loved meeting both of you in Dallas a year ago. You two are the best!

Kelly here: We are so sorry that this FlyBaby's DH had to go to the emergency room. She was able to FLY right through this emergency since she had a plan in place.

Have you created a control journal? Do you have routines in place? Do you have an emergency plan. Even if you have moved to a new city, take the time to find out which hospital you would want to go in case of an emergency.

You set the tone for your family. When you begin to FLY, others in the household will also FLY.

Here is the link to creating the control journal.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I backdated a few posts to catch up.

Look at these:

Swim Lessons, Baseball Game and Misc Photos.

Joe's arm is getting much better. It's still sore but he can lift it now, but it's very stiff and weak. He had a physical therapy appt on Friday and he has been faithfully doing his exercises.

Today on freecycle I picked up a big bag of girl clothes for my friend Lori who's having a girl. I'm going to bring them back to MI for her.

Let's see what else is going on. It's very hot here in Texas now - mid 90s. We had a few good storms roll through this week. One actually rattled the glass in the house. That was a bit crazy.

I went to spinning class for the first time at 8am this morning. Oh my is it every a workout. My legs burned for about the first 5 min and then didn't burn. They my butt hurt from sitting on that seat for the rest of the class but it was an amazing workout.

Other then that nothing much going on. I'll update again soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A funny from Joey

Joey just said to me, out of the blue, 'Mom, California is HOT'.

I said, 'Um, where did that come from?' I mean he just said it out of no where!

He says, 'That is where the DESERT is'.

What a smart 5 year old :) From May 18th

Monday, June 8, 2009

Splish Splash I was taking a lots of bubbles

One day I poured a bit too much bubbles in the hot tub. The boys loved it and couldn't wait to get in and play in the big mass of bubbles!

Joey as Santa

Mass of bubbles.

Santa Joey.

Silly Justin

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday party

Joey attended a birthday party for a friend at an art house. Joey did pretty well but is not really an 'artsy' kid. His attention wasn't so good and I kept barking at him to pay attention. It was quite draining. He came home with a cute painting that we still need to hang somewhere in the house. He had a great time and enjoyed seeing his school friends again.

Joey at the Art House.

His friend Ethan can draw a dinosaur better than anyone I know and he's only 5!

Here's Ethan - Joey's good friend and his mother and I are good friends too!

Joey painting his project!

All About me...

Got this off facebook and thought I would add to my blog. Maybe one day my kids will want to know about mom. Who knows :)

Favorite Color: Teal, combination of blue and green - my favs
Favorite Car: Anything NOT a mini van. Lexus sounds nice.
Favorite Movie: Twilight
Favorite Hobby: Scrapbooking
Favorite Song/Singer: Phil Collins or George Michael
Favorite Book/Author: Stephanie Myers - again Twilight
Favorite School Subject: Science
Favorite Vacation Destination: On a cruise - anywhere WARM
Favorite Food: Pierogies
Favorite Restaurant: Coach Insignia at the top of the Ren Cen
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Celebrity : Robert Patterson (Edward Cullen in Twilight!)
Favorite Childhood Friend: Jen Chevalier (we grew up since the 6th grade)
Favorite Childhood Memory: Dating in HS
Favorite Baby Name: Justin Scott
Favorite Person In Your Life: My hubbie!
Favorite Facebook Application : Bejeweled

Chocolate or Vanilla: Either.
Big Mac or Whopper: Whopper
Coke or Pepsi : Coke
Beer or Wine: Neither. Ew.
Coffee or Tea: Neither.
Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ
Facebook or MySpace: Facebook. Myspace SUCKS.
Summer or Winter: SUMMER!
Windows or Mac: Windows. Never used Mac so I can't tell I guess.
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Boxers or Briefs: Either. Anything not white.
Rain or Shine : Rain!
Chips or Popcorn: Either.
Salty or Sweet: Sweet.
Plane or Boat: Boat. I love cruises.
Morning or Night: Night.
Movie or Play: Play
Walk or Drive: Either.
Money or Love: Love.
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint
House or Apartment: House

Have Any Pets: 4 cats
Have Any Children: 2 boys
Smoke: no way
Drink: sometimes
Exercise: sometimes
Spend Your Life On Facebook: yeah
Play On A Sports Team: no
Belong To Any Organizations: I guess not
Love Your Job: Yes - actually I do.
Like To Cook: Yep - that's why I'm not skinny! LOL
Play An Instrument: used to play the clairinet
Sing: I try - haha
Dance: In Zumba is about the extent of that.
Speak Multiple Languages: Parlez Vous Francais? :) A little french.
Ice Skate: Yes
Swim: Yes
Paint: a little. Joe is way better.
Write: Yep.
Ski: No frickin way.
Juggle: no but my neighbor is awesome at it. 6 at a time.

Stolen Anything: No.
Been Drunk Before Noon: No.
Got Caught Telling A Lie: I have no clue. I try not to lie.
Got A Speeding Ticket: Yes but I don't feel it was warranted.
Been Arrested: No
Littered: No
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: I plead the 5th. You'll never know.
Cheated On A Test: in the 4th grade - my multiplication tables.
Cheated In A Relationship: yeah, multiple times in HS.
Failed A Class: no way
Screened Your Phone Calls: sometimes
Eaten Food Off The Floor: no but I do follow the 5 second rule sometimes
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: No that is so gross.
Wished You Were Someone Else: Sometimes
Cried During A Movie: Yeah, that's why I don't really watch movies
Had A One Night Stand: Nope

Describe Yourself In One Word: Loud
Biggest Fear: Dying
Biggest Mistake: Gaining too much weight with my first pregnancy
Your Proudest Accomplishment: Graduating college
#1 Priority In Your Life: have a loving family
Dream Job: I have my dream job. I work from home and do computer work. How much better can it get?
Special Talents: I type really fast, I was a black belt instructor in karate
Where Are You Right Now: In my office at home
Where Would You Rather Be: on a cruise
Famous Person You Want To Meet: Edward Cullen :)
Place To Visit Before You Die: Australia or Hawaii
Song Played At Your Funeral: Never thought of it.

Have you laughed until you cried: Yep multiple times
Have you found out who your true friends were: Yep...those I'm still friends with years later.
Met someone who changed you: Yep
Kissed anyone on your friends list: Yep :)
What were you doing at midnight last night: I think I was online haha
Name something you CANNOT wait for: my 10 year anniversary - I'm getting a new ring and going on a cruise!
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yeah
What are you listening to right now: Five Little Ducks on Youtube for Justin
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I was skinnier.
Last time you saw your father : Christmas :(
Most visited webpage: Gmail, Yahoomail or Facebook.

First surgery : I was 4 - tubes in my ears
First piercing : Ears - I don't remember how old I was
First best friend : First - Grace back in Garden City. We don't talk today.
First sport you joined : T-ball I was like in the 1st grade.
First pet : Sasha the cat or Spaid the dog
First vacation : I have no clue. I guess trips to the family cottage up north MI
First concert : Luther Vandross/En Vogue
First crush : Cass Ziola in kindergarten - 3rd grade. Back in Garden City.

Your ex and You: Which ex - haha.
I am listening to: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by the Wiggles on Youtube for Justin
Maybe I should: be cleaning...or making dinner.
I love: My family!
My best friend(s): Jen Rhodes, Caroline Preissler - I have a lot of very good friends.
I don't understand: Why people can be so mean
I have lost my respect for: People in general
The meaning of my display name is: It's just my real name. But I normally go by designsbybriana - I design scrapbook pages.
I will always be: Loud and funny. I try to be nice to everyone and smile :)
Love seems to: keep growing!
I never ever want to lose: my boys!!!
I get annoyed when: People drive dumb - like slow or on their cell phones and are all over the road.
Do you like parties?: Sometimes. Depends who's going. I've been to a few good ones.
Today I: went to a birthday party for Joey and took a nap. Exciting.
I wish: lots of things. I was skinnier, we had more money, my family lived closer... :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

From August last year...

Justin dancing to a card and being card (1:11)

The House Videos....from October!

I'm finally getting the videos off my flip video cam.

Here are ones from October. Our house has changed so much from then. Justin and Joey have new beds. We moved around the formal living, the fish tank is gone. Amazing how much your home changes in less than a year!

Wanna peak at our house?
The House Kitchen, Dining and Living (4:32)

View from Upstairs (:31)

View from upstairs - Kid's Rooms (2:38)

Entry Formal living / Dining and Fish Tank (2:32)

My 1000th post!!

Wow, this is my 1000th post. ONE THOUSAND! Can you believe it? I've been blogging since 05 and have blogged 1000 posts so far.

When I started blogging I was hoping to do it to keep in touch with friends and family. Back then Joey was just a little over 1. He's now FIVE. Justin wasn't even born. I blogged my entire pregnancy with him. His entire life has been blogged.

This is the one thing I've kept up. Now if only I could diet so well :)

This week has been interesting - that's for sure.

Tuesday night the entire family was at the park at the end of the street. The boys played. I played catch with Joe for awhile. Joey and Joe played catch for awhile. Finally it was getting dark and it was time to leave. Joey started to leave without his scooter and Joe took it and started to wheel around the park with it.

Joe came back, and then took off again on the scooter, going as fast as he could around the park. He missed the sidewalk, jumped off the scooter, did a somersault onto the ground and stood back up. It looked like something out of the movies. I was really impressed.

Joe stood up, looked at me and said, 'I need to go to the ER. I heard something pop.'

So luckily I had my phone on me and called our neighbor and asked her if she could watch the boys while I took Joe to the ER. It was 8:30 at night and I really did not want to take the kids with us that late. They were at our house as we were coming up the road to our house.

We agreed on the best place to go to the ER in the area, and Joe got in the car. I showed our neighbor where the pjs were and got those for the boys, showed her where the sippy's were, told her when to get the boys to bed and ran out the door to the ER.

Long story short we were there until 11pm. Joe has what's called an AC Joint Sprain - 3rd degree. In other words he tore all of the ligaments off his clavicle.

Thursday this week he had a dr. appt and they have him in a sling and a figure 8 brace to hold his shoulders up and back. They are hoping it will heal on it's own. If it does he won't need surgery to correct it.

Joe's been home from work all week. He's in pain but it's less and less each day. We are hoping by his next dr. appt on Jun 19th that it will be healing so he won't need surgery. He also will be getting a call from the Physical Therapist to come and start doing some PT work.

Word to the wise - adults - do NOT ride your kid's razor scooters! You will get hurt!

The dr. we saw said he actually met a family who's father was riding a razor scooter, fell on his head and died. It was a freak accident. How scary is that?!

Other than that I've been helping out more around the house since Joe isn't able to do a lot. He's been resting a lot.

The neighbor's that watched Joey and Justin that evening helped mow the lawn today. That was soooo very nice of them. I can't mow the lawn and that is the one thing I needed help with and they did that for us. We love our neighbors! We are so fortunate that in lieu of family, we have wonderful neighbors in our neighborhood!

Happy 1000th post to me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Christmas at the Kapa's - Joe's Mom's Grandma's side.

Videos finally downloaded from the camera:

Joey's new camera (1:09)

Kids playing on the couch - Starting to open gifts.(1:31)

Joe's mom's Christmas for the family

Presents galore / Joey ripping off the wrapping paper in seconds (5:04)

Gift's for Joe's mom (4:14)

12/31 - New Years Eve - Wrestling with daddy (3:06)

More videos from Christmas...

Sorry, late pulling videos off my flip video camera and posting them to my blog!

More Christmas Presents (3:19)

Justin's Farm Book and Justin was so busy picking up Christmas wrap he would ignore the gifts. (3:40)

Justin's Elmo Book and Joey balancing a gift on his feet (2:06)

Christmas 08 Videos

Joey's Fireball Cars Gift (1:00)

Justin excited about Monster Trucks! (2:09)

Christmas Videos...

Yeah they are late but better now than never!!

Christmas 08 Elmo and Piano (1:39)

Briana Christmas magnet (1:08)

Christmas 08 Joey Hot wheels (1:23)

Mom gets a smoke alarm. She only had one in the entire house and none by her bedroom so we bought her one to put by her bedroom. (1:21)

Our kids are so spoiled. We live out of state so the grandparents went a bit nuts buying stuff for Christmas last year. Turbo-boosters Transformers and the triple wrapped DVD. Justin also refused to let the Christmas wrap hit the floor and would throw it away before he got excited about a gift! (1:52)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swim Lessons

The kids had two weeks of swim instructions from M. Thompson in Plano and they did great. It was 9 days - every day M - F for two weeks. Parents were not allowed to watch until the last day. This was the last day. The boys did great. Justin is doing pretty good trying to swim. He will go under the water no problem. Joey is doing great swimming under the water. We just have to work on getting a breathe and keep on going.

Justin starting and laughing.

Instructor Margaret and Justin hmmming under water. Have you ever hummed under water? It makes the bubbles come out of your nose so water doesn't go UP your nose.

Showing their silent kickers.

Justin and Joey both went under water and retrieved rings.

More swim lessons

Just about to get put into the pool.

Justin going down the slide.

Swim Justin!

Joey was one of two kids brave enough to climb to the top and slide down!

More swim lessons

Justin swimming.

Justin getting to the end.

Honestly we feed him (you can see all his ribs). Joey about to jump into the pool and swim.