Monday, May 18, 2009


Make sure to check out the posts from 4/30 and 5/1 below. I added them after the previous post but post dated them.

Joey and Justin have what I would call a 'ghost fever'. It comes and goes. It's only a fever and no other symptoms. It's weird!!

We didn't go camping over the weekend due to the rain and it was a good thing since Joey spiked a 103 fever.

We actually just relaxed and did nothing - but relax. Joe said it was one of the best weekends he's had yet!

Joey busted out and said to me today, 'Mom, it's HOT in California'. This was completely out of the blue.

I said, 'Wow Joey, where did that come from?'

He says to me, 'Mom, there are deserts in California and they are HOT.'

All I can think of is he must have learned that from school! :)

Justin is talking a lot more too. He's saying his ABCs and he even peed on the potty this week. He hasn't since but it's a start!!

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