Thursday, February 26, 2009


The kids have been sick non-stop lately.

After Joey threw up all over Christopher's house, Justin was told to come home from school that following Thursday with a 102.2 fever.

I called the Dr. and they said to have him come in that day.

We went in and Justin was a strong case of strep. They said normally the strep case takes about 5 minutes to register and his was almost immediate. Joey also had it. Justin also had Joey's stomach flu on TOP of having strep. Fun times. He managed to puke all over me 3x in two days. How lucky I was.

So the two kids were sent home on antibiotics.

The following Sunday - I got the stomach flu - at 1:30 in the morning! Jeez. It's no wonder - Justin puked all over me. See what I do for those kids?

During on of their sick days at home they were bored and we decided to make a cool tent. Joey actually started to make his own tent with just the couch cushions and I decided to make it a bit bigger with a sheet. This kept the kids intrigued for days.

The kids and their tent.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bye Bye Crib....

Today was a bittersweet day.

One one hand I'm so excited because Justin is going to be sleeping in his own bed - a toddler bed! We can get rid of that big, clunky crib.

One the other hand I'm totally sad because Justin is our last child and that's a huge milestone. To think that we are not having another crib in the house again, it's quite, sad. My baby is growing up - too fast I must add!

Justin was so proud of himself. He smiled ear to ear when we got his bed together and told him that it was HIS - HIS OWN BED!

He is just shy of 2 1/2. Joey was in a toddler bed at 2 because we accidentally broke his bed when we put in new carpeting in our old house.

Justin slept in his bed all night and woke up once. I heard him on the monitor. I went up to check on him and he started to point his finger at the door and yell, 'Alex OUT.' 'OUT ALEX.'

The cat got in his room and wanted to make a nice bed on his bed. When the cat jumped up on his bed, Justin woke up and was quite ticked off about it and was telling Alex to get OUT OF HIS ROOM. From then on we had to keep the door shut.

We forgot to shut the door one other night and the same thing happened - Justin came out and yelled at Alex to get OUT OF HIS ROOM - and then went right back to bed. Funny kid.

We kept his Jungle crib thing on his bed. He has always liked to push it and listen to the music as he drifted off to sleep.

Justin laying in bed.

Look at me in my cool bed mom (smiling from ear to ear!).

Joey, feeling a bit left out, asked for his photo to be taken as well.

Obsession with shoes, mom's....

Not sure what it is, but both kids love to raid my closet and pull out MOM'S shoe's and parade around the house in them.

In defense of them being manly, Justin did attempt to wear Joe's size 14 shoes, but declared, 'Daddy's shoes too heavy'. He tried to walk in them but they were so heavy he couldn't even pick up his feet in them and nearly fell flat on his face.

Anyhow, here are some photos of their fashion parade (or some really good blackmail material when they are about 16...)

Mom's lovely high heels get more wear from the kids then I can say they ever got from me!

My cool fuzzy purple slippers.

I am a cool, rough, power fighting guy (in high heels, no less).

Mom, aren't these awesome?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Misc photos to share...

I took some recent photos for Grandpa and Grandma Fisher. Grandpa Fisher asked for photos of our house. So I took a few of the downstairs and thought I would share...

The living room.

The formal dining room.

The entry way and stairs.

The entry way and our fish tank.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

Joey and his giraffe he got for Valentine's day from Grandma Dziekan.

The kids full of bubbles in the tub.

We painted our office. This is how it looks now. We love it.

More from us....

Well the last post was about how sick we've been.

Friday this week Joey did not want to go to Walmart grocery shopping with daddy and Justin. Joe told him he could pick out a toy with his money from Valentine's day from Grandma Char and Grandma Norma and he said, 'Dad, just get me a hot wheels. I don't want to go.'

And that was that.

So off Joey went to Christopher's house down the street to play while Joe and Justin went shopping.

Need I say Justin loves to shop? He asks to go to Walmart shopping all the time. 'Daddy, go to Walmart?' It's pretty funny but sad at the same time. I think we shop there too much.

Joe and Justin got home and Justin was sporting a rather cool helicopter that he picked out.

About 8:30 we get a call from Carolyn, Christopher's mom, that Joey is saying he's tired and wants to come home and go to sleep.

We all bundle up and head outside and across the street to Christopher's house. We walk in and the story went that Joey says his legs were too tired to walk down the stairs. Carolyn picked Joey up and he proceeded to throw up all over the stairs and her carpet.

There is one thing I can not stomach and it's throw up. You can throw the nastiest blow out diaper at me and I could care less. Throw up on the other hand - I can't handle it.

Joe is the opposite. He can't handle the nasty diapers but the throw up he doesn't care about. Soooo therefore Joe carried puke covered Joey all the way home.

I apologized profusely to Carolyn about the mess. Mind you, the puke was RED - bright red from the soda Joey had drank for dinner that evening. I told her I'd come over and clean her carpet and she kept telling me not to worry about it. She'd take care of it. She had a carpet cleaner. Carolyn was so nice to me about it. I felt completely awful about it and she kept telling me it was no big deal. I could have hugged her had she not been strewn in puke!

We went home and got Joey in the shower. He was shivering uncontrollably when we got him out of the shower and for the longest time would not let me help him get dressed and out of his wet towel.

When I finally got him dressed I had a blanket ready and waiting for him because I'd figured he wanted it. I wrapped him up in it and Joe took him upstairs and put him in bed. He slept all night and luckily we had no more incidents.

The next day we watched Christopher while Carolyn went to a baby shower. Joey was feeling better by then.

That evening after Christopher went home and so we got the boys in the shower, but before that Joe was asked to use the potty and Joey had diarrhea! So he's still sick. No wonder he hasn't eaten a thing all day. Seriously we can't catch a break.

Later that evening I was scrapbooking and finally decided to call it quits. I walked up to check on the kids as I do every evening and I noticed a drop of brown liquid on the floor. Yes, it's diarrhea.

I look for cats that may have it. Checked Alex, nope. Sasha, nope. Kali, Nope. I went in the bathroom where we keep the cat litter boxes and there are two huge puddles of puke on the floor. Jeez!

I finally find TyTy and he looks like he's straining to poop on my stairs. I get him upstairs to the bathroom and he goes to the bathroom, comes out and throws up, and the cycle goes on and on.

I call our vet. It's midnight and she calls back and says to take him to the 24 hour vet.

I take him there and due to him continuing to throw up, they admit him overnight. I go home with a quote for $800-$1000 in cost.

The next morning I bring TyTy home. He's been hooked up to an IV and finally has his issue under control. Whew. It was actually only $700 for the vet bill. It was under their quote so I can be very thankful about that but jeez, it's still very expensive! Poor kitty cat - all for a bout of the flu!

So our entire household, with the exception of Joe (knock on wood) has had something in the month of Februrary - including the cat. I hope March shows better luck for our health. We definitely need it!

Questions for Joey

I was in the car with Joey yesterday and we were talking about favorite things. I thought I would write them down before I forget it:

1. Who's your favorite friend at school: Gavin
2. What's your favorite color: Blue
3. What's your favorite toy: It's star wars for the WII but we don't have a wii but Christopher does. Mom, when are we going to get a wii?
4. What's your favorite food? Chicken.
5. What kind of chicken? Raw
6. You can't eat raw chicken! (chuckle from Joey). Chicken Parmesan? Joey: Yeah - Chicken Parmesan. Can we have that for dinner tonight??
7. What's your favorite tv show? Spiderman

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Scrapbook Pages

I haven't posted new scrapbook pages lately so here are some of the latest, all done in 2009!

 Justin's Doctor Visit.
 Let it Snow.
 Joey 'camping' out
Dallas Arboretum - from when my parent's came to visit.

A few more scrapbook pages.... from 2008

 Noel - Christmas Layout.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What we've been up to....

As you can see, it's been quite awhile since I've updated. Honestly, nothing earth shattering has been going on.

Last weekend Justin started to cough, and would not quit. It was something quite severe. We tried the humidifier, cough medicine, vicks and fluids and nothing would kick this cough.

Finally on Monday we went to the dr's office. They gave him an oral steroid and antibiotic - and that was for his ear infection, which he wouldn't have if his tube in his ear wasn't filled with wax. We got an ear drop for that to try to dislodge the wax from the tube. Jeez.

On top of that Sunday I came down with something. Not sure what I got but it kicked me butt so bad I laid on the couch for five hours Sunday night.

Those that know me know I never sit down. I am running around 100mph, cooking, cleaning, or doing whatever needs to be done around the home. Sunday had me parked on the couch.

Monday I still felt lousy and Justin was feeling lousy so Joe stayed home with us.

Tuesday and Wednesday life went on as normal. I felt better, but not 100%. Justin stayed home with me Tuesday and went back to school Wednesday.

Thursday I was feeling awful again. I got Joey and Justin to school, came home and called Joe nearly in tears because I felt so awful. Joe left work at 1:30 and picked up Joey from school at 2:30 and then picked up Justin that evening.

I finally called the Dr. Thursday afternoon because this cold has been getting worse since Sunday. I felt awful, then felt better, then felt worse.

The kicker came Friday where I was so sick it actually was PAINFUL to put my contacts in - not because of my contacts but because it HURT to look up or down. My head has been so foggy that I can't remember things and do dumb stuff. My muscles have been sooo achy. Two days this week I just vegged on the couch, completely drained. I did not move.

Friday rolls around and I go to the dr. (Joe drove me because I couldn't drive I felt so lousy) and they did a nose swab test and I have a confirmed case of the flu - type B. I'm glad they told me it was SOMETHING. I have felt so awful it was good to know that yes, it really was the flu and I wasn't imagining things.

So today I've been taking it easy. I did work for a little bit but relaxed most of the rest of the day. Everyone in the family has to take Tamaflu as a preventative so they don't get the flu. Joe actually had to become a patient at my dr's office just so he could get a prescription for it.

So that is what this week has been - sick, sick, sick. So far Joe felt kinda lousy one day this week and has felt fine every day since. Joey has not been sick and I hope he doesn't get sick.

Funny thing is, when I think of the flu, I think of it as being completely GI (throwing up and the other end, you know...) and she told me the flu is normally never GI related, just a cold on steroids that hits suddenly. I guess when people say they have the 24 hour flu bug, it's technically not a 'flu'.

I wanted to tell you all in case you get hit with a cold pretty severe right away to go to the dr. If you take tamaflu within two days of getting it, it can shorten and lessen the symptoms of the flu. Because I waited so long, she game me the tamaflu but she said that she's not even sure it's going to make a difference because I waited so long.

Just another note, I did not get the flu shot this year... Maybe I should have! The dr. also told me that it's going around something severe. In fact when I took Justin to the dr. this past Monday, she told me almost every case that morning had been for the flu.

Hope all of you stay healthy. This bug has kicked my butt something severe!

Last Saturday we all went to the park. Everyone had a wonderful time. The boys had a blast playing on the playground. Justin rode his bike and did an awesome job. These photos are from Joey's new camera.

 Joey loved this sand digger! I wish we could buy him one for our house!

 Justin was a bit small so Joe helped him.

 Justin enjoying the pond at the park we went to. He loved the ducks.


 Joe hanging out.

 The boys looking at the ducks and the egret.

I love this photo. My boys!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I lose I lose....

Whenever Justin and Joey race, Joey usually wins by default because he's 2 years older.

Joey will say, 'I win. I win!'

Justin said the same thing but Joey says, 'No Justin, You lose.'

So now whenever Joey wins, Justin yells, 'I LOSE, I LOSE'.

Watch it in the video below. It's funny. You'll hear it as soon as they finish the first race.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend involved doing a ton of errands. We had to get both of our cars state inspected for emissions. We went to Lowe's to get a new filter for the fridge and filters for our furnaces. We looked a new front doors and there was a very helpful associate there who helped us figure out what it would cost so we could save for it when the time comes to replace the door.

Joe made ribs yesterday. They were awesome.

Today we all went outside to enjoy the 70 degree weather. We played outside for a little bit and then we rode bikes to Eddins with Paige and Nicholas, our neighbors. Justin rode his OWN bike all the way to the park - and it's a good mile or so away. He did awesome. We stayed there awhile, then went next door to the school and played on the school playground. Then we come home. Justin was all tuckered out by then so I put him in the seat on the back of the bike and Joe carried his bike home. He was ready for a nap.

I laid down for a nap too. I've had a hard time sleeping since trying these new meds.

When everyone woke up we ordered pizzas and then sat down to watch the superbowl. We had a picnic upstairs for the boys. We put the beach towel on the floor and everyone at their pizzas.

The new rule is whenever Joe's team scores a touchdown, Joe has to get up and do a silly dance. It really entertained Joey and I!

We had a great family day. The boys and I put together puzzles. When 1/2 time came on we danced the entire time. Both boys enjoyed this. We did a ton of tickle fests. I did 'this little pig' on Justin's toes about a dozen times.

We had a great day and to top things off - the Steelers won and Joe is so happy about it! :)