Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm such a bad blogger...

I really couldn't even begin to tell you why I blog in spurts.

Sometimes I blog nearly every day. I will be taking photos like mad, blogging like mad and you probably can't even keep up with me.

And then there are times like now where I hardly pick up the camera because I don't wanna, and I just don't feel like blogging. Why? I have no clue...maybe because I'm doing other stuff. Like right now it's near Christmas. I'm finishing up everyone's Christmas shopping. I'm finding the best deals onlike. I'm sniping auctions off ebay like no one's business. I'm spending time with the kids. I'm just doing other stuff. Or I'm playing on facebook...haha.

On Nov 30th we paid a local photographer to take our photos for Christmas and in turn we gave her a $75 gift certificate to take to a local agency that helps abused children get Christmas gifts. The only catch was it was a 10 minute session but she would upload all the photos so we had full rights to it.

The good thing was it was 10 minutes so the kids wouldn't get bored.

The bad thing was it was 10 minutes and we couldn't get Justin to look at the camera with a damn.

So here are my 'favorites' from the 17 she uploaded. 

 Justin, not looking at the camera.
 Cute one of the kids.
 I like this one but Justin was all hunched down.
This was our Christmas card photo. 
This was my favorite because I loved the darkening on the sides, but Justin wasn't look at the camera (again).
So there you have it - photos from 2008 and yes, no snow. There is no snow in Texas though it was a cold 50 degrees and windy as hell on the day we got those taken.
Really nothing has been going on. Really. The kids were mad we had to put up shorts and short sleeves and pull out pants and long sleeves and even their COATS (gasp!). Yes, coats I say!  Joey had a major all out fit. 
Joe has found a new obsession with getting the local grocery ads and matching up coupons to them to find stuff at next to nothing. 
Joey is obsessed (I mean obsessed) with transformers. 
Justin isn't obsessed with anything.
I started a funny thing in our house. You ask someone (especially Joey), 'Hey Joey, Guess what?'. Joey replies, 'What'.  I say, 'Meow Meow' and die laughing. Joey will sometimes do it to me out of the blue and I of course fall for it. Justin even does it now. It's hilarious. We are such dorks sometimes! ;)


Amy said...

I am a sporadic blogger and commenter too. No worries.

The pics came out GREAT. I know how you feel though, when mine were little, I'd come out of the photography studio literally sweating, trying to get them to smile just right for the camera :D

Melissa said...

Have you shown Joe the coupon mom website? Or the grocery game? Your pics turned out really good for 10 minutes!

Melissa said...

If you have one of the same pose where he is looking at the camera, even if there's something wrong with the rest of you, I can help you by photoshopping his eyes right. lol. That's what I did with my family photos because we have a hard time getting Ethan and Cameron to both look at the camera.

catja said...

Hi Briana,
I´ve been reading your blog for several weeks - sometimes I want to comment sth and I´ve finally decided to write to you :-)
I really like the photos of your family - I am from Europe (from Czech Republic) and I´d like to have some nice pictures of me and my boyfriend but it´s such a big problem here to find somebody who would take photos OUTSIDE! Can you believe it? Photographers always make you sit in an armchair in a studio...
Have a nice day and be happy with the exterier pics :-)

Jennie W said...

Those are better than our family photo attempts - your kids look at the camera bette than Adam.

Aubrey said...

Ah yes, it happens to all of us. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen into a bloggy funk.
The pictures turned out really nice!