Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I haven’t had time to update since last week.

We crashed Grandma’s house, really just happy to make it up north. The roads were sooo bad that it was a scary drive up north.

Dec 24

We stayed the night and then woke up the next day and relaxed for a bit. The boys were dying to get outside. It was actually in the 50s and really nice to play in the snow and enjoy being outside because it wasn’t so cold! Justin really enjoyed it because it wasn’t so cold.

Of course I took a billion photos because we don't often get the chance to take photos in the snow while living in Texas!

Justin in the snow.


The boys having fun.

The snow was so deep, it was up to Joe's KNEES and he's 6'3"!
It was hard for Joe to walk through it.

A nice pic of Joe with the sled.

Cute Joey and his funny hat.
The boys trying to sled. The snow was so deep and it was warm so it was not good sledding snow.
Justin in his 'boat'. We kept telling him it was a sled, but he kept calling it a 'boat'.

 Joey in his sled.

Another one of him eating snow.

Justin playing peek-a-boo!

Joey and his huge snowball. He was throwing them in the air.

A HUGE snowball! He loved destroying this one!

The snowman Joe made.

The snowman has a 'unit'. The nice addition Joe added.

4 year olds love to destroy - and the snowman was no exception as it hit the ground.

Joey with the shovel.

Me and my bright orange winter coat. The story behind this coat - it was a after Thanksgiving deal at Walmart for $8.00. I wanted a lime green one but Justin is obsessed with orange, so that is why I have an orange coat!

We ran to Walmart on Christmas Eve. It looked crazy but it seemed ok. Every lane had a cashier on it and it seemed everything was moving smoothly so that was nice. We got Joe’s grandparents on his dad’s side a bath set for Grandma and chocolates and nuts for Grandma.

That evening we had Christmas at his dad’s side of the family. Grandma Fisher likes to eat, digest, talk and THEN open gifts. This is nice if you are an adult but for the kids it’s like waiting an eternity and looking at those gifts and not being able to open them. Poor Joey. He asked about 100x if he could open those gifts.

We ate a very nice dinner and then digested (LOL), talked and then gathered to open gifts. Joey was such a big boy. He helped Papa (Joe’s dad). Papa was Santa and Joey helped deliver the gifts to the right person. We’d tell him who the gift goes to and he’d creep up to the person unsure if it’s the right person, looking for direction from Papa. After he got the gift to the right person, he’d skip back to Papa and say, “I knew that” or “I knew that was the right person”.

Joey ended up getting a remote control race car from a cousin for the gift exchange and Grandma got him one of those take apart cars – those ones that have plastic bolts and screws.

Justin got a magna doodle from a cousin for the gift exchange and a car/jeep people set from Grandma.

I got a nice personalized scrapbooker ornament for the gift exchange and Joe got a Detroit Tigers Baseball coffee mug.

 Joe's step brother Tony and Joey rough-housing!

Joey tackling Uncle Tony.

The kids opening their gifts.

Justin loves movies. Uncle Tony showing Justin the video.

Joey playing Nerf tag with his cousin TJ.

We stayed fairly late and then left, trying to decide if we wanted to drive back to my mom’s Christmas Eve night or wait until Christmas morning for our Christmas on Christmas day.

As we walked outside we were slapped with huge snow flakes flurrying down around us. We instantly decided to wait until Christmas morning to go to my parent’s house for Christmas.


Seven Danforth's said...

Great snow.....I am glad you got to go home for a while and change your view of TX.

Melissa said...

Great photos - I still don't miss the snow though!