Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3 - Park day again...

We decided to go to Frisco's Memorial Park this day. We'd been here before with Desiree's mother and kids and they loved it. They have this large wooden play structure. If you then walk through the pavillion area they have a suspended globe in water that you can move. A little further they have a large pond you can walk around.

We knew that Joe had to work this afternoon for a conference call so we left him at home and took my parents and kids to the park.

After we did some park time we went to Double Dip - frozen custard place. Their ice cream is sooo yummy. My mother got an old time Chocolate Soda and loved it. The kids enjoyed their ice cream too :)

The kids at the park. There was something on my camera lens all day so that is why the blur in the photos. Grrrrr! This is the park.

Park from the right.

Park from the left.

Joey posing for me. What a sweetie!

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