Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a day...

Well Justin stayed home with me today because he was sick. He pretty much coughed ALL night long, and his nose was a constant runny yellow mess. Poor kiddo. He didn't eat a THING today. At least he's drinking fluids. I can tell he's not feeling so good. Poor kiddo!

While I was home today I went through the kids toys. They have SOOO many they don't play with. I took everything I didn't think they played with downstairs and put it on the glass cocktail table in our living room.

They played with everything once, some a little longer than others, but mostly they just went ahead and went back to their 'favorites'. Well I guess that answers THAT question. The charity truck somes next Tuesday and I listed some on craigslist. Gotta clear out the house before Christmas. I have a feeling the kids are going to get a little 'overspoiled' because they have been in Texas all year. Hmmmm.

Remember I posted below that I'm attending the Flylady Fun Fest in Dallas this weekend? I got this cool email today. This is what it said:

Dear Dallas FlyFest FlyBabies,
We would love to have some do this interview with us. See you in Dallas!

This is from Jenna at Yahoo:

We have a reporter from the Dallas Morning News who’d like to interview both of you for her piece on the FlyFest. Would you be available Thursday afternoon to speak with her via phone?

Marla, have we reached out to any local Dallas members for testimonials? The reporter would like to speak with one prior to the event.

Let me know!

So guess who Marla picks - yep ME!!! So I sent my info to Marla (Flylady) and Jenna. I wonder if I'll end up in the newspaper quoted, or on tv? How cool would that be? Anyhow, I'm waiting to hear. I'm sooo excited to go. I put a HINT in the email back to Flylady and Jenna
I REALLY hope I get to meet Marla (Flylady) at the FlyFest. I'm so excited! :)
Think that was a good enough hint?! Ha! :)

So that was awesome news today. I hope something becomes of it.

The other news - I broke down and bought nutrisystem. I know a TON of people who have done so good on it. My mother, who, bless her heart, didn't do so good on weight watchers, has lost 25 lbs already. So I debated and debated and finally joined. I got the box yesterday and started today. I have to say that I was full ALL day long. It's not just you eating their meals, you add a ton of fruit and veggies in with each meal you eat every day so you are full all day long.

It actually took a lot of 'guts' to admit I'm doing nutrisystem. I was on the weight watchers bandwagon FOREVER. I swore I never would do one of those 'prepacked food' diets. They tell you that you will never learn how to eat on your own. Weight watchers just stopped working for me, or rather I stopped working for it. So anyhow, I am going to do this and see. I would love to lose 10-15 lbs by Christmas. I would think that is reasonable? I can tell you just today I'm eating better than I have in months.

Today the boys helped me pick up and I promised to take them to the park. Here are the photos I got. Someone left their scooter there so Justin was riding it. I have to say he can balance and ride it pretty good for just turning 2! There was another kid (who was MUCH bigger than Justin) who had turned two 7 days before Justin did and he could not balance it at all. It's funny how having a big brother that does all that cool stuff makes you learn how to do it a lot earlier in life.

Joey on the other hand was very cooperative with the photos. The ones I got of Justin looking at me consisted of a snotty nose, so I'll spare you.


Joey posing for me again.
Justin mastering the scooter!
Joey on his big wheel.


Melissa said...

What great photos!

Congrats to you for being Fly-noteworthy! :) Good luck on getting to meet the lady!!

Courtney said...

Oh, how exciting about the FLYlady stuff- hope you get to meet her and be quoted and such!