Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday's Events...

Today was one of those days that I swore I was going to break something out of anger.

I don't know what is up with my kids but if they are together too long (like weekends) they get on each others nerves constantly!!! It's not even JOEY instigating, it's JUSTIN. I swear he's the smartest 2 year old ever. He knows exactly what pisses his older brother off and will do it over and over. There is shoving, name calling, tattling, and more.

On top of it Joey is constantly getting into it with our neighbor. He's a year older than Joey and they hit head to head all the time. See, in our neighborhood three is a crowd. If Joey plays with the neighbor across the street and the other neighbor boy next door comes over, the two other boys 'clique' off together and leave Joey out. So they play nicely by themselves but forget about him when it's three of them.

So I guess today Joey was quite mad that both the neighbor boys, that are supposedly his friends, are yet again leaving him out of playing. They did this the other day he was at one of their homes and they wouldn't give Joey a turn to play the video games.

Anyhow, the entire neighborhood comes to my door (both next door neighbors, the 2 across the street and the other boy across the street). The one girl next door is desperate to tattle on Joey. She starts and I cut her off and ask Paige - the 12 year old across the street what happened.

I guess Joey was playing with one of the boys toy guns. He shot it off and I guess it hit the boy next door's ear. So I guess he punched Joey. Joey in turn called him a 'stupid ass'. Then he got mad at everyone (probably because of what was going on) and started to call ALL of them names for no reason.

So I call Joey home. He is yelling from across the street to the boys that they are mean. They turn around and say to me, 'Joey just called us mean'. I told them to GO HOME and to stop the tattling already. It's RUDE.

I was FUMING when all this happened and called Joe outside to take care of the rest. I was afraid I was going to scream.

So Joe talked to Joey. Joe did not get at him, did not raise his voice. Joe explained with Paige had told us. He denied it. We asked him what happened. Joey did not say he had a gun, or what Paige said was true. He told us he was mad because the neighbor boys weren't playing with him. He did admit to saying the bad words. Frankly, Joey is in the lying stage now (we've caught him lying a few times lately) so I happen to believe what Paige says over what Joey says right now. At least he admitted to some of it.

Joe decided he's grounded from playing with the kids across the street and the neighbors for a few weeks because of their rudeness, and failure to include him in activities and all of their abilities to not get along. I guarantee you the neighbor kids will knock on the door about 3pm tomorrow and ask if Joey can play. I am going to tell them No and don't come back for at least a week. I wish I could say more...I'm so mad about this.

Most the kids across the street are older than him. The two boys who aren't obviously don't care about Joey when they're together and you know what, Joey doesn't need to be treated like a third wheel. He's so nice to these boys that he doesn't need to be treated like this.

So we decided he can still play with Braxton and Camille, but that's all for now until this all dies down.

So on top of all of that today, both boys listening ears were TURNED OFF. We'd ask Joey to stop doing things, and he'd do them again. For instance he has this toddler ride on car and he rides up and down the entry way with it and CRASHES INTO OTHER TOYS. We told him before that he can NOT do this as it will break the toy. So guess what he does 3 hours later - yep, crashes into the toy - again. I mean seriously!!!!!

Justin is the same way. He's not listening. He's acting like a little devil lately with an evil smirk in his eyes. I hate to say that but I'm serious. You tell him to do something, he says no with a smirk and goes running. He is doing things we told him not to do. He's talking back. He's hit his terrible twos and boy were they terrible today. We tell him to do a time out and he laughs as he runs to the steps to do his time out, like he doesn't even care.

Today he hit Joey with something twice, after we told him not to, so instead of doing a time out on the step, we put him in his crib and shut the door for an time out without us around. I think that may have done the trick.

We don't spank. It's everyone's right to do it. We just don't. We've done it once or twice with Joey and then saw him start hitting. I honestly think there is a correlation to spanking and the children thinking hitting is ok. In fact, that would explain why the neighbor kid punched Joey - he brags about the fact that his father spanks him when he's bad. Ok, whatever.... off that topic.

So by the time it was shower time they were still at it. In the shower Justin is bother Joey by picking at him. You know the saying 'I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you' and you have your finger a 1/2 inch away? Yeah, that was about it with the two boys today. They were at it again.

We had enough. It was 8pm and they went RIGHT to bed afterward. No books, no games, nothing. BED. Just bed.

I was so mad at some parts of the day that I was ready to break something. I have no clue what got into them. We took them outside a few times today just to get them OUT of the house, hoping it would help, and I think it did for a little while, but that was about it.

Anyone have suggestions? Is this just a stage?

I can see my mom reading this, snickering and thinking to herself, 'Serves you right - you and your brother fought like cats and dogs'. Yes it was true, my brother and I ALWAYS fought. I can see this brother rivalry going on for years...and this is just the beginning. Oh boy...


Melissa said...

Oh, sounds like a rough day. Hopefully you don't have too many of those!!

Melissa said...

Hugs to you for having such a hard day!

You know, I'm just starting out with these stages with my boys, but it ebbs and flows. Most days, they get along great, while other days they fight terribly.

They will both work on you and Joe to find out what your limits are and they will push you to them as often as they can to see if you'll give another inch.

It gets better. I know it does! I've learned a lot just from working with the kids at school. Middle schoolers are like 3 year olds with hormones! Ugh! lol

Courtney said...

I think it must be a stage, because this sounds exactly like my 2 boys have been- they are a little older, but we went through that awhile ago. We are still going through it, only it has changed some. I'm hoping for your sake and mine that it is just a stage! lol Hang in there.

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

Sorry to hear about your day -- Hope everything gets better. Thanks for sharing -- Much Love --