Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a quick update

It's funny how everyone assumes we got a huge amount of rain and damage just because Ike was slated to hit Dallas, but it totally missed us. We hardly got any rain.

And we've had no rain (except a very very light sprinkle last week) since Ike - so I was overjoyed when it was raining this morning. Joe was not thrilled. He had to take out the garbage bins in the rain and it took him an hour and a half to get to work.

I love the rain. I love the thunderstorms. I wish I had a porch where I could sit on it and watch the storm, while being misted by the rain that the wind whips around and smelling the damp air. Oh how I miss doing that at my parent's house.

Oh how I miss my parent's but fret not - they are visiting Nov 1st. I can't wait.

The kids were much better behaved today. Phew.

The house is clean. Today we got rid of a nordic track ski system. I got it from another freecycler and decided it just wasn't what I wanted to use. So I freecycled it. I feel so blessed - I gave it to a woman that is giving it to her father because his doctor is making him get some exercise. He came with her to pick it up and he's attached to an oxygen tank. I wanted to hug him. It just breaks my heart to see people have issues like this. I want to be able to hug them and take the pain away.

She walked in our home to pick it up and she stopped, looked around and turned to me and said, 'Your home is just gorgeous'. What a compliment. I was so proud. We do really love our home.

Tonight I made Pork Lo-mein. Joe loved it. He told me about 5x to keep the recipe. The only thing we changed is we made it with broccoli and no snow peas or peppers and I used dried ginger (the book I had said to use 1/4 tsp but it doesn't specify in this recipe. Honestly I keep sesame oil in the house - we use it a lot in Asian recipes so we had all the ingredients. :) The kids even liked it! Joey ate the pork and Justin loved it all - broccoli too!

Did I tell you about my expensive kitty? Last week TyTy (the orange cat for those that can't keep our 4 cats straight!) had TWO teeth pulled (they were rotten). That was a $650 vet bill. Poor cat. Poor us! :) He's doing well. The only thing I was mad about was that night I took the bandage off his leg and THEY NEVER TOOK THE IV CAP OUT OF HIS LEG!!! So I had to call the vet on call after hours who said that it wasn't a big deal as it could wait until morning, asked me to rewrap his leg and bring him in the next morning. She apologized profusely. That poor cat went through so much.

Well that's about it. I'll post more later this week! :)


illahee said...

thanks for visiting my blog via BATW today!

Melissa said...

I love when we find a good new recipe that the whole family likes! And poor Ty Ty!!!

Courtney said...

Pork Lo Mein- yum! Thanks for posting a link to the recipe.

Melissa said...

Yum! That looks good! You ought to post the recipe for the rest of us. ;)

RhondaLue said...

awww poor kitty!

So I saw your comment on blogstalkers sight. What makes you think he has another blog? do youknow who it is?

Me said...

you forgot to add - oh how I miss Kimberly.

That's ok, I know you're busy and all.

Me said...

did they have any advice on keeping kitty's teeth from getting bad?

I'm so paranoid about that, because I know it can lead to kidney issues and other health problems.

I keep telling the vet that I think Oliver needs his teeth cleaned, but surprisingly they say no.

CaraBee said...

Poor kitty! I'm venturing into the world of Asian cooking and so far have been fairly successful. I haven't tried Pork Lo Mein yet, though. Might just have to be next on the list!