Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our date night!

Joe dropped the kids off at the SS Noah drop in daycare. They just love it there.

Both Mark and Joe met Desiree and I at Jinbeh Japanese Steak house in Frisco for Dinner.We waited for a table and then we were seated two two other couples around this very hot grill.

We ordered. I ordered fillet Mignon and Joe ordered teriyaki steak. Their soup and salad was fabulous and their steaks, OMG were so tender and juicy. It was soooo good.

Joe and I. Don't I look glowey from my makeover?

Desiree and Mark.
One of the gentlemen at our table took our photo. He asked if I was a photojournalist! I told him hardly - mostly a blogger! :)
So the chef makes the rice from scratch, puts it in a bowl, flips it like so and catches it. HOLY COW!
The volcano out of onions he made.
Dinner was marvelous. Boy did we have a good day today!


Paigelina said...

Me and Nicholas went to Jinbeh's for my dad's birthday. It was kinda cool but me and Nicholas didn't like the food. I remember the onion volcano!

Seven Danforth's said...

I like Japanese foo ok, but I like best Thai food...these restaurants are so much fun,when we go witht he kids and another family..we fill up one table.. :)