Saturday, October 18, 2008

Goofy photos of Joey...

Tuesday the 14th I met Ingrid for lunch at Uncle Julio's. It's a nice new restaurant.

I met Ingrid through our local freecycle. She gave us some Thomas the train stuff. She decided to check out my website, found out I was from Michigan, which is where he mother lives. We got to talking. We added each other on facebook, and talked every day. Finally we decided, you know, we should do lunch.

We met for lunch and had a great time. She's such a sweetie and we had a lot in common and had lots to talk about. I'd have photos for you but I left my camera in my purse and forgot to use it. Bummer!!

That afternoon I had to take TyTy to the vet. He passed his check up with flying colors (he had two teeth extracted). These are the photos I got of Joey while we were waiting.

Joey on the floor.
Another one of Joey, being goofy.

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