Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Clinique Makeover

Desiree booked Clinique makeovers for us for today. I was excited about it. It's rare that I pamper myself like this so it was nice that Desiree took care of all the details for us.

Off to Nordstrom's we went.

Me, before.
During my makeover.
After, don't I look cute? I loved the makeup she used! 
Desiree buying some makeup after her makeover.
Desiree after.
After we were done we went upstairs in Nordstrom's so Desiree could get an outfit for an outing she has next weekend. 

I am sooo sheltered from the mall scene. $180 for a pair of JEANS? OMG I would DIE if I bought those - you know why - Joe would KILL ME. 
Ok, so anyhow, she didn't find anything she liked but everything she looked at (pants and shirts) were over $100. How can anyone afford to shop there?!


Seven Danforth's said...

Nice friend Desiree reminds me a freind I have now, except I could easyly buy the jeans if I look good on them.

Courtney said...

Make-up makeover and date, how fun! I desperately could use a make-up makeover, I wear make up but I'm sure I could look better if I really knew what I was doing. lol Glad you had fun. No way I'd spend $180 for jeans?! Yikes!

Melissa said...

Heck if I spend $80 on multiple CLOTHES I feel as if I might pass out. I went to the outlet mall in Chi-town a few weeks ago and walked out of Osh-Kosh with a bag full for like $90 and felt sooo guilty even though it was winter clothes for the kids.

Anyway... your makeover looks great! I love what she did to your eyes. :)