Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was a bit of a hectic Saturday for me. First off I woke up and went right to Curves for a workout. I was a bit PO'd because the person there was not willing to get me setup on the CurvesSmart Program - which they have to give me a keycard that goes in all the machines and it knows who I am, and I can work the machines harder.
She said I needed to come at least three times. 
I told her, 'Look, I've been a Curves member for over two years. You have to be kidding me'. 
So she threw the, 'Well the paper work hasn't been done yet and it has to be entered into the computer'.
Yeah well little did she know that the woman who set me up on Thursday when I JOINED curves already did this for me, and already had all the information in the computer.
She hesistantly found my card in the folder and then set me up. By about 1/2 way around she loosened up. I have no clue what her problem was. It was like, DUH, Yes I know how to use the machines. Just set me up already.
I just want to get the most out of my workout right NOW - not the third time I go to workout. I'm glad I spoke up. I am sick and tired of getting walked on!!
So she had to set me up on all the machines (6 reps on each machine) then I had to go and do the circuit twice for my real workout. I was there until almost 11am. Poor Joe had the kids all morning long.
When I got home Joe was ready to jump in the shower himself so he took off, with me standing there all sweaty. I sat down and occupied the kids reading to them until he was done, and then went to take a shower myself. 
Not too long after Joe was getting Joey out the door to go to the Zone for the neighbor's next door birthday party.
I stayed back with Justin since, 1. He wasn't invited and 2. He's a bit too small for the place the party was.
I was already cleaning up my scrapbook room and decided that I wanted to finally organize all my brads and eyelets. I dumped them on the ground, got out my little containers and started organizing them.
Justin thought this was grand. I gave him one or two of his own containers and he kept filling them up and dumping them out. I got some done and he was occupied for a 1/2 hour - not a small feat for a two year old!

Justin helping me organize my brads and eyelets.
 Justin helping me organize my brads and eyelets.

Afterwards we went downstairs to get another bite of lunch (he's a grazer) and then I told him we will read a book and then it's naptime.
We read a book about dump trucks and other heavy equipment and then he walked himself up the stairs and went right down for a nap. What a sweetie.
I then went and took a nap, only for an hour though, because Desiree had booked a Clinique makeover for us at 4:30. 
Joe and Joey came home and I got up and got ready to leave. Justin was still sleeping as I left.
Joe had made plans with Mark and Desiree to drop off the kids at the drop in daycare and to meet us at a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.


Seven Danforth's said...

this age is so precious when they discover so much!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

don't you just hate when people don't want to do their job. My two year old loves playing with everything -- he is at that age where he wants to know what everything is r how it works.

Much love Anissa

Melissa said...

How cute is he?!?!

Glad you didn't let that Curves lady get one over on you. :)