Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well not too much going on with us.

Joey's been saying 'no' to everything we ask him - everything. 

Please use the bathroom. Joey's response - 'No'.

Pick up your toys. Joey's response - 'No'.

Let's eat dinner. Joey's response - 'No'.

Today Joe and I had enough. We asked Joey to do something, and again, the 'No' came out. So Joe grabbed the Frank's hot sauce, snuck up on Joey, and stuck some in his mouth. He cried and cried. Joe felt really bad but I'll tell you what - he does NOT say NO anymore. When he does say  'No' by habit, Joe just says 'What did you say' and Joey back peddles really quickly and says, 'Yes'.

Just that one little incident has turned around his bad attitude.

I can't take full credit for the hot sauce idea. I do really like it a lot better than threatening, time-outs and spanking. Desiree does that with her kids and let me tell you, it isn't mean (people EAT hot sauce) but kids don't like it and they think twice about mouthing off.

So anyhow, that was our day today...

Joe and I decided that the 'Biggest Loser' is our show to watch together this season. It's inspiring to watch people fight and get healthier.

Joe has been stepping it up lately and cooking dinner on the weekends. I'm so proud of him. He's been taking our favorite recipes and making them from scratch. He's learned how many ingredients some of our favorite recipes call for and he gives me a nice break on the weekends. I cook dinner EVERY weeknight, so it's such a welcome break for me to have him cook. He made Chicken picatta tonight and it was sooooo good. Good job Joe! He also made a yummy lunch.

Wednesday we went to the Rangers game with Desiree and Mark and took the kids to SS Noah drop in daycare. When we got to the drop in daycare at 7:30 we found out it was only open until 10pm. So we booked it to the Arlington Stadium and guess what - 1st row tickets BABY!! It was so close that we could have almost touched the players. The Tigers KICKED butt too! When we got there we got run after run. One of the Tigers saw me when he came home and smiled at me because I was screaming my head off.

Desiree has been hit in the face with a softball before so she was so freaked out the entire time we were sitting there because foul balls were whizzing by. I thought it was so cool to be soooo close to the action!

Anyhow that is our week!

Well that's about it.


Dawn said...

I don't like the hot sauce idea! Yikes! That is not the right way to correct a 4 year old, in my opinion. 4 years olds say "no" by nature and are learning to speak for themselves, so you have to model appropriate behavior, give a consistent consequence and use a healthy method, like time out if he continues to tell you no. I'm a social worker, so yeah, not a fan of the hot sauce.

Briana said...

Hi Dawn. I understand that not everyone likes the hot sauce idea just as much as I don't condone spanking... but time outs don't work anymore for the no thing. I guess we did what we thought was right...whether it is or not! :)

Melissa said...

If it doesn't hurt him and it works, and you and your husband both feel it is appropriate, then don't worry about what other people think. Not that you were. ;)

How lucky to get tickets so close to the action! Glad you had a great time! :)