Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Sunday....

If you want to look into our normal Sunday routine, this is how it goes...

8am - wake up and get ready for church.
8:30 - Wake up kids and get them ready for church.
9 - Make sure kids are fed breakfast.
9:15 - Run out the door with kids in tow for church. Joe does not attend with me and usually lounges around on Sundays and gets quiet time.
9:25 - Drop kids off at Sunday school. Both go to class and Justin does not cry (yay). He knows the lady who teaches his class so that is great.
9:35 - Finally make it to our bible study class. Good topic today - Adulteress relationships and how to avoid them and work on your marriage. Whether you go to church or not, this is a great topic!
11:00 - Off to service. Today was the church's one year anniversary in this new expanded building. My nose won't stop running (thanks to my awesome cold) and I have no tissue. Great.
12:10 - Get pieces of cake for Joey and Justin (it's for the church's one year anniversary) and manage to carry two pieces of cake, my bible, the pager for Justin's class in case he needs assistance, my phone and purse.
12:13 - Get Joey from class. He's excited to see the cake.
12:15 - Get Justin from class. He's excited to see me - and the cake.
12:15 - Hustle the kids out the door to meet dad in the parking lot. Today we are meeting after church at Mi Cacina for a mexican lunch! YUM.
12:30 - Arrive at Mi Cacina. We finally get seated. It takes forever to get our drinks and our food. We are seated outside so I take the kids into the court behind the restaurant and let them run around, play games, etc. They had fun and no whining before the food came!
1:30 - Food comes. Joey ate a cheese quesadilla. He didn't want to try it but he finally did and liked it. Phew.
2:30 - We are finally done with lunch. No, I'm not kidding. It was a LONG one today and Justin is feeling a bit tired.
3:00 - Get home, Justin fell asleep in the car. Take him up to his room. Joe goes to watch the Raiders and I go to sleep. Nap time - ahhhhh......
6:00 - Wake up from a MUCH needed nap. Being that I'm under the weather, the nap did me good. I felt better and love hubby for watching the kids.
6:15 - Joe goes outside to mow the grass. I watch the kids. Braxton comes down to ask Joey to play at his house. I take Justin outside watch him and converse with the neighbor's kids.
7:30 - Joe made dinner tonight and we came inside to eat. Yum. Sausage and Chicken Rice Skillet.
8:00 - Kids play around in the house. Joe and I relax for a moment.
8:30 - Get kids ready for their shower. I fold laundry.
8:45 - Joey does his chores which include, emptying the trash (tomorrow's trash pickup), running the swiffer vacuum on the tile floor, cleaning up his plate at the table, and picking up all his toys. I load the dishwasher.
9:00 - Read Joey a book, a bible story, his AWANA (Wednesday bible study book) and kids brush teeth. Note to self - put Brush Teeth on Joey's chore list.
9:10 - Both kids in bed. Phew.
9:15 - Take a shower. Joe mops floors Sunday nights.
9:30 - Park myself in front of the computer, blog, facebook, email, relax...whew.

So there you have it - that's my Sunday.

I keep thinking to myself that I need to get to Blurb and print out 2006, 2007 blog books and have them bound. I got 2005 done and love it and I'm so glad I have memories of all of my 2005 blog entries - with photos!

My mom and dad come to visit us the beginning of November (the 1st!). I just can't wait!!

Oh and I'm already thinking I better be getting Joey and Justin their Halloween uniforms. I think Justin will be Elmo. Joey wants to be SpeedRacer so I need to see if there is a SpeedRacer type costume.

Have a good one!! :)


Paigelina said...

fun. I want to start going to church. I told my mom and I guess she forgot. She forgets a lot of things.

P.S: Good luck with speed racer. I was french fries for Halloween once. long story

Melissa said...

I've thought about blurbing my blog at the end of the year and having all of my 2008 entries printed. :)

I love that you're happy with yours! :)

PS: Busy, busy Sunday! Glad you got some rest in there, too.