Friday, September 12, 2008

One day until Ike...

Ha, Desiree and I were hanging out today. Guess what we were doing? Watching the weather channel! Ha! How about that for some female bonding! We were sitting side by side, watching his big screen, drinking cokes in the dark.

We are all wondering what effect Ike will have. Her mother lives in Houston, her sister lives in an area that's been evacuated and we are wondering what and when we'll start to feel the effect of Ike.

So far it's still 1-2 inches of rain and up to 2-4 possible and 35 mph winds and up to 55mph gusts. The local weather blog states that we'll possibly get some wind and rain starting at 1am when the outer band goes over Dallas. It will hit hard about 1pm and die down about 6pm.

In other news:

Joey has a birthday party tomorrow afternoon so it will be interesting to see how the weather is!

Justin just started copying his brother by saying 'no' to everything, just about the time he just learned how to say 'yes'. Oh joy - now we'll have two boys saying 'No'. Oiy!

Oh and poor Justin has a 'croupy' cough. The poor kid! It JUST started this evening. He just can't stop coughing. I put some vicks on his chest, I setup the humidifier in his room and gave him a little cough syrup. I hope eventually he stops coughing and can get to sleep. Poor kiddo!!! :(

I think all day about things to write in my blog and then I sit down in the evening, my brain is taxed and I forget everything I planned to say! How frustrating.

Well I'll write more tomorrow, if I don't forget again what I have to say! ha!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Not the Food Network, Lifetime, WE, HGTV but the Weather Channel. That's classic! These days it's more exciting than reality tv or name calling from our Presidential Candidates. I'm sorry I missed out. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I hope you'll come again soon.

Wendy said...

Count me in as another TX girl keeping tuned in to Ike! We used to live in Brazos County, and it looks like they're just gonna miss getting the worst of the winds, but they are going to feel it! Even tho' we haven't lived there for a while, it still feels like home -- those are my old stomping grounds, and I hope everyone will be okay. Crossing my fingers and saying prayers for all y'all down there.

Thanks for your comments over at my blog. Hope you'll visit again. I hope your little one feels better soon. Oh -- and I can't tell you how much we miss Blue Bell! We've had it Fed-exed up here for family parties, and we know which restaurants up here serve Blue Bell and visit them first! LOL Probably a good thing I don't have more access to Blue Bell; I probably would never stay w/in my WW points.

Melissa said...

I hear you about the sitting down to write thing! It gets difficult after long days at work, that's for sure!

Stay safe. And have fun at the party tomorrow! :)

Me said...

Have you seen them show the path all the way to the end? It curves to the right and goes all the way to Michigan. We are already getting the rain - so I can only imagine how much rain is down there. Last night was bizarre, I was in RO and all of a sudden the temp outside got hot (late, like 9 pm), and it got really humid. It was pretty obvious it was effects from that hurricane down there. What a monster.

Dawn said...

I can relate. It seems like the only thing we watch anymore is the Weather Channel and news! I hope Ike doesn't cause any trouble for you.

Jennifer said...

My mind works the same way. Plenty to say until I sit infront of the screen and blank. I hope your boy feels better. Croup is no fun. I had to take my girl to the hospital, she was alot smaller then.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope all will be well with you and your family through this storm.