Friday, September 5, 2008

My days are full of well, you know....

Between 4 cats, 2 kids in a potty training nightmare hell and oh yes, let's no forget moi - yes, my days are full of crap.

Justin is potty training. I can say thank the LORD for that one. Joey, my oldest at 4 1/2 is STILL potty training. If I can get Justin out of diapers by three, I think I may just go out and buy a Mercedes with the money saved from buying diapers (I wish!).

Anyhow, tonight I walk into my bedroom and there is a TURD on the floor. Now I heard Joey say earlier to Joe (who is camped out on the couch watching baseball and was not moving), 'Dad, there is a POOP on the ground'.

Joe thought he was goofing off by the sound of Joey's voice and pretty much ignored him.

I was lucky enough to confirm - Sure enough, there is a round turd on the floor.

I walk over to Justin, and say, 'Justin, can I see your pants?'

He walks over, I peer down and THERE IS NO DIAPER IN SIGHT.

I walk over to Joe, and say, 'Uh honey - Justin doesn't have a diaper on'.

He gets defensive and says, 'I put one on him when he got out of the tub'.

I say, 'Yes, I know that but he doesn't have one on NOW'.

Joe says, 'Well he did bring me a diaper earlier and I thought it may have been one he found and I told him to throw it away'.

Well there we have it. Case solved.

Now there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that Justin is taking his diaper off when he is DONE pooping means he is recognizing he's done going. Plus if we ask him if he's gone - he will tell us 'yes' with a nod of his head, and he's always right - he really has gone.

Yesterday he actually sat on his potty and peed - all over the floor (we have to work on the sit down and aim issue) and when he got up, he stepped on our tile, which becomes a skating rink when water (or pee) is on it and Justin took a nice triple axel onto his butt right next to the potty. Poor kiddo. We'll have to keep that in mind if he goes again. Note to self, put a towel in FRONT of the potty.

Oh and if that's not enough, I had the joy to clean out both cat litter boxes for my 4 cats tonight. Oh joy.

SO there, that is why my days are full of crap. I know your jealous. Anyone want to swap houses with me? I was thinking, it's Friday night and instead of having fun with the girls, I'm at home dealing with poop. Maybe I should hook up with one of those pooper scooper guys on Friday night and we could have our own party. Ha!

Ok, onto another topic...

So I think I'm driving myself crazy reading diet books. Anyone who's overweight can attest to this. You read a book thinking it's going to be a golden ticket to weight loss. I am so over and done with that but at the same time, I'm sick and tired of being overweight.

Not only that, but I hate the fact that one day something is good for you, and the next something isn't.

I mean seriously, one day fruits and veggies are good for you, then the next they are full of pesticides. So maybe I should go and live off the land. I'll grow my own. Well the rain water is probably polluted and the seeds were genetically conceived.

Then how about this, I'll get a cow. Oh wait the grain it is fed is contaminated, or full of antibiotics. I swear I'm so done with this. Milk is good for you, the next it causes inflammation. Maybe I should eat cat food - or grass. Now, that's probably contaminated too.

It's so hard to peel through the layers and layers of information to find what IS really good for you.

Anyone with me here?


Melissa said...

Sorry about all of your poop problems. It will eventually end! =) And about food - I hear you! I almost hate looking into stuff anymore. Its very frustrating. Just gotta do your best.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the poop issues, but it sounds like Justin is about to potty train himself, and that is great news! I have 2 cats, so I can relate to some of the poop cleaning which really is no fun!!

Melissa said...

I'm totally there with you on the food. They have all these 100 calorie packs but you shouldn't eat those because they're not 100 GOOD calories.

And sorry about all the poop. :( I hate crappy days.

Savvy Enid said...

Yup I agree with Dawn, seems like he does want to potty train him self..Allelujah if that the case.
Iam dealing wih Eli with that as well..and unto the diat thing...IAM so THERE with you...but Iam going to make my self go to the gym, will be my birthday present this comming tuesday...I had seriosly thinking on some body building..Ha!

Meghan said...

Let me know how the potty training goes & any tips you have.
I have had a potty for about 2 months now.
Ethan will say potty, potty then go sit on it & do nothing, for hours.
He would rather take it apart.
Altho on his birthday he did "poop" on the big toilet b/c daddy held him there.
That's it.
I so want to be done with diapers.
He knows when he goes b/c he will grab himself...classy, no?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking to the future with trepidation because I know I'm going to have to potty train another kid. Those times are not so fun, and I certainly feel for ya!

Food, yeah, there's certainly a different outlook on it for us right now because my husband is on a fat-free diet to keep his gall stone problems at bay!

Me said...

I wonder if Justin gets potty trained before Joey... maybe that will be Joey's incentive.

I saw a really cute Abyssinian kitten over the weekend. He wanted me to take him home too (I shouldn't have looked). All I have to do is think about the litter box and how much poop my one pooper can generate.

I'm serious, he shits enough for 3 cats.

Tracy P. said...

You WILL get through WILL get through this. Oh, drove me CRAZY! But this too shall pass. Preschool is your reward! :-)