Saturday, September 13, 2008

Justin is sick...poor kiddo.

I figured out what I was going to blog about yesterday. I was quite scared. Justin was sitting there and I had a vitamin out for him and one for Joey. Justin always gives Joey's vitamin to him, and yesterday he ate it. 

You may think - no big deal - except he already ate his. I was able to pull about 1/3 of it out of his mouth but he ingested the rest and it was a vitamin for 4 year olds.

There really is such a thing as iron poisoning and if your child eats too many vitamins, he can really die. A call into the nurse and doctor was what I needed to rest my mind - he would be fine. They wanted to make sure I absolutely knew he didn't eat anymore, which I knew he didn't because I'm the one who gets them out of the jars and I only got one of each out.

They said just skip tomorrow vitamin and he should be fine. Phew. That was a major relief.

Then last night Justin had a croupy cough.

This morning when Justin woke up the cough was really bad. It was a constant bark and the poor kid could hardly catch his breath before more and more came.

I decided to take him to the doctor. I knew there isn't much they can do for croup but I knew my poor kid couldn't tough out the weekend coughing non-stop!

They doctor there said his lungs sound fine but gave him a steroid and a cough medicine to help with the consistent coughing. He took one dose and it helped so much he almost completely stopped coughing! Whew!

Oh and Ike. I should have known he would miss us. Joey had a birthday party for a girl in his preschool class on the east side of our town and they got slammed - heavy winds and rain pouring down.

I called Desiree on the way home and she says our part of town hardly got any of that. Hardly any rain or wind. I should have know - our side of town ALWAYS misses the storm. Yet again Michigan will get more rain and wind from Ike than I will in Dallas!!! What the heck?!

At least I can be thankful for no damage to my home and the fact I still have power on!

Oh and I was trying to keep track of my 800th post and guess what? This is 803. I missed the 800th! Well happy 800+ post to me anyhow! Whoohoo!


SavvyEnid@westtexascountrylife said...

Happy 800 and 803...!!
Happy Birthday celebration Justin, can't wait to see pictures!
I sure hope all that cough goes away soon!

Melissa said...

Awww :( Poor Justin!

Cameron was up all last night with the same thing. I have to call the pediatrician on Monday because the Zyrtec isn't helping much other than sleeping. (His is allergy related from being in the basement yesterday. Blah.)

I can send you some rain! We are sick of it here!

Dawn said...

You are right about the vitamins! They can be deadly. My older son had croup all through his childhood years. We would turn the hot water on in the shower, close the shower curtain, and sit in the bathroom in the steam and it would usually clear it up. I hope everyone is doing ok now!

Amy said...

Glad you missed the worst of the storm. We didn't get much here either, thank goodness.

Me said...

Lots o rain here in good old Michigan ;) everything is so green.

I had lots of time to spend with my new Kindle this weekend.

Blog Stalker said...

I for one can't fathom getting to an 800th post. Good job!

There should be some kind of award. Heck, Make it yourself even.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

I have an award for you at my blog!

CaraBee said...

Glad to hear that you guys weren't affected by Ike, it seems he hammered a good chunk of the Texas coastline. Not to mention the swath of the midwest that got crazy wind and rain.