Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a quick update

First of all, let me say I'm doing my best to catch up and say thank you individually to all the nice people who have left comments on my blog lately. You are really too kind and it makes my day - really.

Today Desiree and I went out for another run. She's such a good friend to me. I told her I wanted to run more and she was all for that. She likes to get out and exercise, well doesn't I guess LIKE it but knows she needs to in order to stay thin.

Yesterday we were reading the bible for kids to Joey and he told me he saw Jesus. I said, 'Oh yeah, what did he look like?'. Joey replied, 'Well, he was wearing a brown shirt'. There you go - Jesus wears a brown shirt :)

Joey's new thing is Speed Racer. He loves the cartoon, loves the toys and he's a Speed Racer fan now. He watches it on YouTube and he watches it on tv. I guess Joe is going to try to get the movie when it comes out, which I think is this week! Christmas gifts this year - hints....speed racer and hot wheels (especially the tracks that do loops, etc). Oh, it's actually easier to buy for them as they get older (well at this stage at least!).

Oh and Justin - monster trucks. The kid's obsessed. He has one in hand all day long. I'm surprised he doesn't sleep with them!


Melissa said...

If our kids ever got together, they would have a blast! Ethan is obsessed with Speed Racer right now. He has a love for all things engineered and containing wheels. :)

Courtney said...

Speed Racer is actually one of the few things my boys haven't discovered yet...I'm sure it's coming. Oh, and the recipe you asked about (Balsamic chicken w/ mushrooms) on my blog...yes, we have had it one time before. We really liked it, the only thing I'm going to try differently this time is seasoning the chicken itself with either season salt or "Jane's Crazy Mixed-Up Salt". The chicken seemed to lack a little flavor (even with the stuff on the outside). That was our only problem w/ it before. So, we'll see how it turns out tonight :)