Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joe's Perspective

Briana set me up with an ID where I can blog.  I'll probably write a couple short notes once in a while to keep some things straight about whats going on.  First, I did not come home to watch the Raiders last weekend, I like the Raiders about as much as the damn Cowboys - which is not much at all.  I watched the Steelers game - my other favorite team.  I just can't stand the Lions anymore.  The fact they are never on down here makes it a little easier to break away from following them as closely.  Anyway, here a just a couple funny (gross) things the boys have done lately.

#1 - On Friday night Briana went scrapbooking.  I agreed to watch the boys.  Whenever we have some activity such as golfing or scrapbooking, the other spouse will watch the boys.  Seems only fair.  Well, I got my fair share of sh!t Friday.  We (Joey, Justin and myself) were downstairs watching TV and having a snack.  We decided to go upstairs and play pool before bed.  Actually, the boys just roll the balls around the table, but hey, they have fun and it keeps them entertained. Anyway, Joey was already playing and Justin and I were on our way upstairs.  We got to the top of the stairs to where our game room is and I went to get my pool stick.  I come back around the table to where Justin is an he is just sitting there next to this brown lump on the carpet.  At first I told him to get away from the cat puke (Alex the oldest cat pukes a lot).  Upon closer inspection, I realize no, its no puke but crap.  Ok, now I'm pissed off at the cats, why can't they use the damn litter box (they sometimes leave us a surprise on the carpet if the litter is not clean enough).  As I'm moving Justin, it dawns on me that no, it wasn't the cat, but Justin who made the mess as it had rolled down his leg and his diaper was half off.  I asked Joey to go get me a package of wet wipes to help clean up.  Nasty.  What Justin had done was somehow half taken his diaper off (while still wearing shorts mind you) and pooped.  Down his leg, onto the carpet.  He must have taken a step or two, because it was ground into the carpet.  Nice.  This couldn't have happened when Bree was around, no it had to be me home alone.  Oh well.  I cleaned it up and did my best on the carpet spot.

#2 - Today before bed, we told the boys they need to brush their teeth.  Then Bree notices Joey left his pullup from the night before on the ground.  And she notices clothes on the floor.  She tells Joey to throw out the pull up and pick up his clothes (as he is making his way to the sink to brush his teeth).  Now, I believe it is a known fact that women are more adept at multi-tasking.  Men like to complete one task then move on to the next. Bree and I both fit those respective molds.  Looks like Joey fits the male profile too as he proceeds to tell Bree "Mom, focus on one thing at a time!"  I'm laughing my ass off because I tell her to just "focus" on one thing at a time when she whipes herself into a tizzy about this and that and the other thing that needs to be done.  Thats my boy!


Caroline said...

Joe - dude you crack me up. I made Jason read your post. PEEK A BOO

Melissa said...

Hi Joe! :) You gotta love random poop piles. It happens here a lot, too. lol

PS - I can't stand watching the Li-Downs much anymore, either.

Courtney said...

LOL! Sounds like life at our house too. I have a gross boy story that happened when *my* Joe was home without me too. I'll have to post that. lol Thanks for the laugh.