Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joe's debut...

If you haven't had the chance to read Joe's first post below, do it now! I laughed so hard when I read it I CRIED. No, I'm not kididng. He's a great writer and gives you a different perspective on our life.

I've added him as an author to my blog so every now and then he will grace you with his funny wit and tell it like it is. I'm warning you it may be gross/funny and guy talk, but hey, he's a guy and that's what you get! ;)

So I added a new feature to my blog - it's called Following. You can click 'follow me' to the RIGHT and when you log into blogger, it will show you all my latest posts so you can keep up with me.

If you aren't a blogger member - you can go down a little further and join my email notification list. It will email you when I update my blog. How cool is that?!

It's been a few days since I've posted. Don't ask why, I don't know. Burnt out? Tired? Busy? Those are all great excuses, aren't they?

Friday I went out with the girls and went scrapbooking. I had such a great time. The only BAD thing about going is that I WANT WANT WANT! The newest thing I want is the cricut (to the right). It's a computer that takes cartridges and then  uses a blade to diecut titles in seconds. I mean lazer diecuts, amazing intricate titles in seconds. Everyone at the crop has it and I am constantly asking to use theirs. It's amazing and I totally want it! I would use it on EVERY PAGE. It's just so awsome. I haven't bought ANY scrapbook stuff in a YEAR - so I decided this is what I want (yes yet another gadget but in my defense I USE all my gadgets - they don't just sit around gathering dust!).

Anyway, the scrapbook get together - there were about 17 girls there (cricut - no this is not a subliminal message). I do this once a month and it's my time for ME and I get to work on my scrapbook. Well Friday I did not work on MY scrapbook, I worked on Marcie's! (cricut - no this is not a subliminal message) Marcie is one of my good friends that I met online and we have yet to meet in person. We are seriously like SISTERS. We have everything in common - we have the same struggles in life, (cricut - no this is not a subliminal message) we have kids the same age, and the list goes on.  (Yes, I want the cricut for Christmas!!!).

Every year for Christmas (well we started the tradition last year!) we send each other a stocking of fun stuff. I buy mine and she MAKES hers. I'm just not that crafty and I got the greatest stuff from her last year, including a jean apron made out of REAL blue jeans! It was so creative and cute!

So this year my gift to her is I am taking some of her photos and scrapbooking some pages for her scrapbook. She obviously knows that I'm giving her completed scrapbook pages for Christmas but she has no clue what they look like and that is the kicker. I figure it's a great gift because she'll have them forever and her whole family can cherish them. See, I can be creative like that! So sorry peeps - I won't be scanning them in until AFTER she receives them - around Christmas...but I do have to say the two pages I worked on yesterday are SWEET! :)

This whole weekend Joey and Justin were at each other's throats. CONSTANT bickering, constant fighting, pushing, teasing, the whole 9 yards.

Saturday evening during dinner Joe and I look at each other, and we agree to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for a MUCH needed break from the kids.

After dinner we got dressed, I dressed up (make-up and all) and we drove the kids to the drop in daycare and went to the Cheesecake factory, ordered alcoholic drinks and dessert. Wow, we needed that!

Today was a lazy day. The kids went and got their hair cut. Joey looks so much older with his hair shorter. He just doesn't look like a toddler anymore - he looks 'older' - older than 4 1/2 even.

Justin and I took a nap this afternoon. Joe and Joey went with Mark, Braxton and Camille to go play a game of baseball at a local diamond. Joe had fun and Joey enjoyed getting out of the house.

That's about all. It's been quiet around here. I've been trying to 'fall' clean (if there is such a thing').

Oh and here's a question for you - Is your garage soo full of crap that you can't pull your car in? I see this so much and it amazes me. Do people really need all of that extra stuff?!! What concerns me is in Texas we get HAIL - I mean BIG HAIL. These people put their cars at risk by parking outside. It just amazes me. Maybe we need to nudge these people to flylady - what do you think?

That said - next weekend Flylady is coming to DALLAS BABY!! I'm going!!! Anyone want to join me? I guess I'm going by myself!

Here it is from her website:

DALLAS FLYFEST!!!! Yep - You heard it here! FLyLady and the Fly Crew are heading to Dallas, Texas! 

Texas FlyFest - Compliments of Yahoo

Saturday, October 4th

Yahoo is throwing a big party/FlyFest for us when we reach 500,000 members. We will be having this party in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, October 4th. We have found a lovely place. It is the Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas. We will meet for the day and we will celebrate together. There is no charge for this event! Come PARTY with us!

Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas
221 East Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, Texas 75039

So maybe next weekend I'll have photos of me with Marla. Wouldn't that be AWESOME! I owe her so much for my clean house and no stinking thinking. She ROCKS!!


Me said...

That cricut thing looks scary! You scrapbookers scare the crap out of me.


Melissa said...

So, I've wanted a Cricut forever! I've been telling Jason I want a Cricut for just as long, but I'd never tried the random interjection approach.

I don't know if it worked, either, but the look he kept giving me was hilarious!

Welcome aboard, Joe! :) Can't wait to read your perspective!