Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A good impression at school...

Joey already made a great impression at school with his teachers. I already got a report the first day of the second week.
Want to know what his offense was?

He said 'Oh my GOD' four times.

Actually he may have said 'Oh my gosh' but that isn't allowed either (I guess it sounds too much like OMG).

So anyhow, they told me they had a talk with him. So we are working on HOLY MOLY. I hope that's a better alternative.
At least I should be happy he didn't say a 4 letter explicit word at school (which he has dropped a few times at home!).


Savvy Enid said...

Man so many rules!!! Good luck "fixing"..I have sevralt o change here as well!

georgie said...

reminds me of the time middle bean then 5 couldnt say his tr sounds so truck came out as umm fu....ck oooo the letters and calls I got...I feel your pain...it gets better i promise...different BUt better
I found ya on blog around the world

Courtney said...

Surprised they care about oh my gosh?! You're right, it could have been something a lot worse said. lol Brendan has already been in trouble this year too.

Dawn said...

That seems kind of silly to send a note home for that! It's a pretty common thing that adults say!!!

Melissa said...

For real? My son would be in so much trouble then. He learned that from his grandma!

It does seem silly to me, too. Good luck with Holy Moly!

Wendy said...

That reminds me of when we first moved to Texas from AZ; I was in 5th grade, and got in trouble the very first day of school. (ME? The sweet, quiet model child?) The teacher kept talking to me, getting madder and madder as we went along! My crime? I had said "yes" and not "yes, ma'm". She thought I was being disrespectful!

Welcome to the South, girl!*

(*actually, I love and miss those Southern ways)