Monday, September 15, 2008

Crashing Desiree's House

In the middle of making dinner today Christopher tells me he's leaving but doesn't say why.
Then Paige and Nicholas get ready to leave and I asked Paige, why did Christopher leave? I guess Desiree told the gang they could come down at 6:30 this evening and it was already 6:40. 
Joey was not allowed to go as we were going to eat dinner. He threw a major fit at first and than walked over to me and told me he was hungry. I told him dinner was ready and he could go to Desiree and Braxton's after dinner.
Joe was feeling under the weather all day. He hardly ate dinner and when I told him I was taking the kids to Desiree's, he told me he was going to go to bed. 
When I got to Desiree's everyone was in the pool swimming and having fun (it's heated). It was pretty chilly (about 70) so I had a sweatshirt on and Justin had pants on.

Justin decides to play in their playhouse.

All the kids were swimming.

Joey swimming.


Eventually Justin and I went back to our house to change into our swimsuits and went back and took over the pool. 

Justin hung out in the pool while I tossed Camille and Christopher repeatedly into the middle. I then took Justin a few times under the waterfall, which he loved.

Of course you won't see any photos of this because - 1. I was wet. 2. Photos of me right now in a swimsuit is not allowed. Thank goodness swim suit season is almost over!

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Melissa said...

hehehe... you are so not a Michigander anymore if you think 70 is chilly and you're wearing a sweatshirt in that weather! ;)