Monday, September 22, 2008

Our house...the place to be - again.

Here's how my day went. 

Got up late. Got Justin to daycare late. The gas light goes on as I pull in to drop him off. Drop Justin off and run all over the building to figure out exactly where he is.

Jump in the car and I go to the gas station across the street. I get gas - it takes me FOUR times to figure out the dumb nozzle on the pump. It would pump and then turn off - four times. Frustrating!

Then I went to the air pump to put air in my tires, except that she says its turned on, and it's not. Nothing is going into my tires and I'm turning BLACK because of the brake soot on my tires. Fun.

Soooo fast forward to this evening. My goal was to wash the car to get the black soot OFF of it. Then go to the gas station to get air.

I got out the car wash stuff and all the neighbor kids starting to freak out. I guess they LOVE washing cars. Anyone want a free car wash? High tail it over to my house and you'll have a bunch of eager to please employees neighbors ready to wash semi-wash the car.

Well - wash is a relative term. If you give a sponge to a 2 year old, 3 five year olds and a 8 year old, you end up with a 1/2 washed car and a ton of soap gone and most of the water is on themselves, or their heads. 

The good thing is - they had a blast and it kept them occupied for at least an hour... and my car got cleaned (well sorta) in the process!

Joey sponging off the mini.
Justin cleaning my dirty tires!
Olivia posing for the camera.


Mekhismom said...

Okay, can I hire the team? My car hasn't been washed since February! Even half a wash would be an improvement!

Your sister from another mother.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hi! I found you under "Texas" over at "Blog around the World". Welcome to Texas! This winter will probably seem so mild to you!

Looks like everyone at a fun time washing the car. You were one brave soul to have the camera there to document!