Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joey's First day of Preschool!

What an exciting day for us! Joey started preschool at Stacy's Studio in McKinney. I was a little nervous because he kept saying he hated school (before his first day) and he didn't want to go.

Then that morning of the first day he was ready to go and all excited about it. I have no clue what changed but I'm not complaining.

The first day he did numbers and counting and he's learning about internal body parts. He said he LOVED his first day and I'm sooo happy about it. He's made friends and was already invited to Lily's birthday party!

I feel so old now. I actually PACK his lunch to take to school now, and he has to take a backpack with a folder with teacher communication in it. Wow, I feel like he's already started real school!

The building his preschool is in.

Joey with his backpack.

Joey and his teacher Mrs. Rowena.

Joey and both of his teachers - Mrs. Rowena and Mrs. Billie.


Melissa said...

They sure do grow up fast!!! Wait til you have a 5th grader - then you can feel old - LOL!!

Melissa said...

Gosh, he looks so grown up there! :) Don't feel old! Especially now that you've got that hot new haircut. ;)