Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lily's party

Lily is a girl from Joey's preschool class, who invited Joey to her birthday party.
I had fun, despite the very rainy, Ike like Saturday (Hurricane Ike passed through). They had a bounce house with a rain cover but the kids still ended up pretty wet inside it - which of course they didn't care one bit!
Here are some photos of the party.
The theme was fairies and pirates. They decorated treasure chests.

This is the treasure chest Joey made for me!

Captain Hook hid treasures all over the house and the 
kids had to go and collect them for their bags. Mostly candy.

Joey and his loot!

Lily and her mom and her Tinkerbell cake

We had a great time, despite the rain!

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Melissa said...

You can never have too much bling on a pirate chest! :) Looks like he had a great time.