Sunday, September 7, 2008

It keeps ME busy...

I think in 2006 we got this fish tank, right before Justin was born - for my birthday. I've wanted a fish tank for years then and we had outgrown our little 20 gallon. So we upgraded - big time.

We were crushed when we moved to Texas and couldn't bring our fish with us. We sold them all back to the fish store and cried :(

Now that we have the fish tank setup in Texas, we've had one incident where we had a 'leak' due to our filter being setup incorrectly and a good 5-10 gallons of water went all over the carpet. That's when we moved our tank to the main hallway in our house on the tile floor.

Frankly, I think it looks better there and more people notice it (though it's not always a good thing when people bang on the glass - grrrr!).

Today I cleaned the tank (as I do every Sunday) and I cleaned our canister filter. For some reason our canister filter was returning water to the tank very very slowly. I have been cleaning the canister filter out nearly every week. It didn't help.

Today I finally just took all the hoses, and everything, got the pipe brushes and put them in the tubes and you should have seen the brown gunk that came out. It was NASTY!

So I hooked the filter back up to the tank and let me tell you, that water took off like it was brand new! It just needed to have all the hoses cleaned and flushed out.

So the fish tank is 'my baby'. I feed the fish, I clean the tank and I change the filter.

Anyhow, here's photos... My cousin Tim, who was on facebook at the time, requested them!

Our 75 gallon tank.

These are pacus. They are about as big as my hand.
The fish next to them are full size mollys. See how big the pacus are?

The pacus are very large.


Melissa said...

Wow! Lucky you to have such a neat thing to take care of. We have ONE fish and it's hard to keep up with it. But it's a beta and in a bowl so... eh. I want a tank so badly but we have to wait for the kids to get a little bit bigger, since we don't have many places to keep one.

Anyway... your fish are gorgeous! :)

Courtney said...

Very nice! Looks great. I love to look at other people's large tanks, but I just don't have the desire to care for one myself- too much work. lol

Aubrey said...

I am in awe of you. We tried goldfish twice with our son and had NO luck. I'll stick to our cat & pug now. LOL

Breanne said...

Nice - I have alwasy wanted a fish tank like that. Rigth now we just have a kid one for my daughter. Stopping by from BATW.