Monday, September 1, 2008

Group photos...

I told the Grandmas that if they visited, they are needed for a photo with the grandkids. SO I finally, late one evening, rounded them up (it was like herding cattle with the kids running around) and then Grandma was wearing pj's and had to change, my groaned because she was so tired since it was late but I persisted - and won of course. Here's the photos! HA! See - they DO look nice!

Grandma Char, Joey, Justin and Grandma Norma.

Again with Justin.

Grandma and Justin

Joey goofing off with daddy.

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Savvy Enid said...

Love the time with them, my 83 yrs grandma call me today and ask me when I was going to bring her the kids (she don't drive) and she live in FL....Ahhh I do need to bring them to her, maybe thanksgiving