Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visitors and words from the mouths of babes

Well we knew when we moved it was only a matter of time before the grandma's and grandpa's missed the kids so much that they went crazy...so crazy that two grandma's are leaving tomorrow from Michigan and driving in a van with two crazy dogs to visit us.

That's from Michigan to Texas trip folks - it will take them 2-3 days and grandma is mid-70's. Oh I know they'll make it. Nothing is holding them back - they have grandkids to spoil!

So we are anxiously waiting their arrival. We hope it's Thursday but it will probably be Friday and it will be on Justin's 2nd birthday! What an awesome birthday gift for him! We are so excited for visitors!!!!


Funny kids the kids said or did today:

As I was hugging and kissing Joey before bed tonight he says to me, 'Mom, you're stinky'. Gosh, thanks Joey. What a nice thing to say, as I go off smelling under my arms and my shirt. I didn't think I was that smelly?!

So Joe goes and gives him a hug and a kiss and he tells daddy, 'Dad, you smell GOOD'.

Yeah, well Joe just gave both Joey and Justin and himself a shower. I didn't get MY shower yet.



When Joe went to buckle Justin in the car today, Joe goes to give Justin a hug, and instead Justin gives daddy a kiss and says, 'I luv you daddy'. How sweet is that?!

Then, on the way home from daycare Justin tells Joe, "Daddy crazy driver'.

Joe, who is dumbfounded that Justin even has those words in his vocabulary, calls me on the phone and asks, 'Did you teach Justin to say that?'.

I'm laughing now. HAHAHA. I tell Joe, "Of course I didn't teach him that, but it IS really funny'.


Dawn said...

You are so lucky to have grandparents who would go to those lengths to visit your kids! My mom would never do that! Those are funny things the kids are saying & doing! Thanks for sharing!

Susie said...

Good luck on the grandmamma descent:-)I hope you have a blast!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments:-)

Melissa said...

How exciting to have visitors from Michigan! :) Have fun with them this weekend!

Those little bits are sooo funny! I try to remember the things Ethan says to me and I always forget by the time I get the chance.

Veggie Mom said...

This sounds like something my mom and his mom would do! Have a fun visit! BTW, thanks so much for dropping by to learn about the Wonders of Wisconsin! Isn't BATW great?

Debbie said...

Hi Briana...Texas is up for a spotlight next week and you are on my list of bloggers. Can you click on my profile and send me an email so that I can talk about when and how. Thanks!

Savvy Enid said...

Have fun time, baking, cooking and just plain fun with family....Oh and Iam so excited of you running, I am making some space in my calendar for that....! Happy Birthday to Justin from Elijah!!

Blog Stalker said...

Kids say the darndest things! Can't wait to hear(have you tell us) what they happen to say to the grandmas.

I'll buy popcorn and wait for the funny!

lynn said...

Kids say the cutest things sometime don't they? And how great that the grandmas drove all that way to visit!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back anytime!