Friday, August 8, 2008

Update on us...

Oh, we are still battling with Joey over potty training him. What a pain it's been. He's 4 1/2 and doesn't care. If I don't remind him all day long, he will never go pee on his own. We got referred to a doctor from our pediatrician but Joe thinks he is just being stubborn. I don't know what to think. I'm soooo praying for this whole part of my life with him to be over. I wish he'd just wake up tomorrow and say to himself, 'You know, I should use the potty when I have to go'. It would be sooo much easier than fighting with him over it constantly!

Yesterday I went with the girls in our Bible Study class at church to dinner. It was at Mama Amelia's in McKinney and I wasn't too impressed. I didn't think the food was that good, but the room we were in for our group was nice and private. We had a great discussion with the girls near us and I found out about 5 of us there are obsessed with scrapbooking so we are planning to get together soon to do that!

Joey said to Joe the other day at the kitchen table over dinner, 'Daddy, is mommy going to jail?' Joe tells me this as I walk back to the kitchen table. I looked at Joe funny and I said to him, 'Um, I can't think of anything I would do which would make him ask that'. Joey looked relieved but he never said WHY he asked the question. Weird.

Joey's latest obsession is watching the Weather Channel's program that I think is called 'Wild Weather'. It shows flash floods, tornadoes, lightening, hurricane's, etc. He loves it. Today when it was done he cried. He asks to watch it every day. Funny kid.

I believe I'm coming back to Michigan for a week in mid-September, WITH Joey! Yay! Joey is so excited about flying on an airplane! It will be his FIRST time on an airplane. When I told him that he'll be flying with me, he squealed loudly in joy!

Justin detests shoes. As soon as he walks in the house from daycare, he sits down and takes off his shoes and socks. He's like me, likes to walk barefoot everywhere.

This weekend is supposed to be busy. We need to go to the library as we are out of library books to read Joey.

We are going out on the boat with Desiree and family tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Sunday at 6pm we are going to our church for a 'Watermelon extravaganza' - it's a cookout with hot dogs, watermelon, bounce house and other fun. The kids should like it!


Melissa said...

You know, we fought with Ethan over potty training for a while until it seemed like he just woke up one day and it's fine. But it took me taking away all of his crutches and dealing with accident clean-up.

It's hard, though! I can definitely appreciate what you're going through. It took Ethan until just about a month ago before he finally "got it" and I was really starting to think he'd never be potty trained.

Me said...

Boys are so slow, but yeah that is pretty late. If it makes you feel better my old neighbor, Seamus, is 5 1/2 and still wearing pull ups once in a while.

Jules was trained before she was 2 though. That probably doesn't help :)