Thursday, August 21, 2008

The things we take for granted...

So what do you think of the new blog 'look'?

Janet, one of the bloggers I follow, had a tutorial link to how to do the signature below and how to customize your blog header. I'm happy to report I figured both out and love the new blog look. I'm sure I will totally be changing it all the time, but I'm happy with it for now :) I know, I can never be happy when there are so many possibilities for change!

Thanks Janet! :)

Do you ever think about things we take for granted?

The other day I asked Joey to help me clean the house. One of his jobs was to take the magnets off the kitchen table and put them ON the fridge.

I had to pester him about 3 times to do this (isn't this the case with most kids?).

Finally I noticed the magnets weren't on the table anymore.

I asked Joey, 'Hey, I see the magnets aren't on the table. I don't see them on the fridge. Where did you put them?'

Joey looks at me puzzled. He walks to the fridge, puts his hand on the door and opens the door. Low and behold, the magnets are sitting peacefully on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

I looked at Joey and I said, 'Joey, the magnets go ON the fridge, not IN the fridge'. I figure he should know this - he plays with them now and then.

I started to laugh. He then realized that he did it all wrong and started to laugh. He grabs for one of the magnets and he says 'Momma, these are COLD'.

I say, "Well yeah silly - they are IN the fridge!".

I guess I take it for granted that he always knows what I mean. Sometimes I have to slow down and realize the kids need a little MORE instruction, or maybe they hear what THEY want to hear. *sigh*

The magnets cooling off from a hot day - ha!

Joey putting them ON the fridge.

At night Joey ususally asks for water. Tonight was no different. I got him a dixie cup of water and he asked for a second. I was half way out of his room and told Joe it was his turn.

Right after I tuck the kids into bed I hear the four cats we have start meowing like they are in a rock band. MEOW MEOW MEOW.... They do this because they know that they get wet food at that time of the evening (their treat). I walk down the stairs to get it for them (I think they have ME trained), and if I don't do it then and there, they keep meowing over and over (driving me batty so I just give in!).

Joey notices I'm gone to tend to the MEOWING cats, and Joey says to Joe, 'Didn't mom hear I wanted another drink of water? She's down there screwing around with those cats!'

Joe explained to Joey that I feed the cats every night after he goes to bed. Joe started to snicker - me, screwing around with the cats?!

The funny things the kids say!


BTW - Say a little prayer for Joey's little friend Christopher's mother. Today was exactly a year after her husband passed away. Today was a trying day for her and our woman's Bible study class came out strong by emailing her and calling her all day to tell her we were thinking about her. She loved it!

Today in the grocery store, while doing our 2 week shopping, I stopped and got some Gerber daisies, in orange - just gorgeous. Joe asked who those were for, I said Carolyn and he said no more. He thought that was nice.

Joey and I delivered the flowers after we were done shopping and I gave her a big hug. I hope she knows so many people care about her. *HUGS CAROLYN*

So...not only do we take what kids KNOW or DON'T KNOW for granted, sometimes we take our own family for granted. I admit it, I do on a daily basis. Think about how lucky you are today and give your family some big hugs. I know I did!

*hugs to you!*


CaraBee said...

That is too funny about the magnets in the fridge! Note to self: you can never be too literal when explaining what you want to children.

CaraBee said...

Forgot to add! My sister's name is Briana. This is the first time I have ever seen it spelled exactly the same! We all call her Bri (pronounced Bree).

Dawn said...

That is so funny about the magnets AND about the cats!!! You are right though - we assume kids (and grownups sometimes)think like we think and know what we mean. With the kids I work with at school I always break the rules down to be sure they understand - not just "be respectful" but I tell them what sort of behaviors are respectful! Great post!

Janet said...

Wow! I was so excited to see you linking to me :) How cool, and thanks! BATW is featuring AL on Wed. so I'm off to spruce up the place. Talk to you later.

Melissa said...

Kids say the darndest things! :) What wonderful stories.