Monday, August 25, 2008

Run Forest (Briana) Run....

I can tell you this, last year when I started to run (while I was still in Michigan), it was because I thought walking was boring - and I wanted to accelerate some weight loss.

I went, dropped about $200 in shoes and running clothing, and then the extra $100 for my GPS watch/heart rate monitor and started to run. I would run on the dirt roads next to work or the main sidewalk bordering the major road. When I was done I would then shower off in the locker room after my run and go back to work.

Then I started to dread running about 2 months into it and stopped. Michigan winters don't help either. Who wants to run in snow covered trails - NOT ME. I HATE the cold.

When I moved to Texas I casually mentioned to Desiree that I used to run, and she got all wide eyed and said, 'Really'? That is the beginning of our friendship - and we've been running buddies ever since and we've kept it up since I moved here. That's commitment.

Last summer I would make it about 2 miles and just DIE. I mean it was awful. I hated it. It was a boring run, just me and my music and the dirt road. I kept praying it would just end every time I went out to run. It was hot during the summer and boring. I missed the companionship.

Now I run with Desiree. We talk and talk so it's not boring anymore and this is why I look FORWARD to running. It's my time alone, with my friend, where we can run and get exercise and talk about life.

Desiree pushes me to run further. When I'm ready to turn into jello because I'm so fatigued and give up, she pushes me.

When I don't want to run because I'd rather veg, yet I already told her earlier in the day that I would run, I go anyway.

We've been running consistently about 2 - 2 1/2 miles.

Ladies and Gentlemen - I did over THREE MILES TODAY. We took a long route and we ran it all.

Yes, I have finally proven to myself that I could finish a 5K. That is seriously a personal goal of mine. I have never in my life run 3 miles - and today I did and I wasn't even tired.

We actually got about to 2.5 miles and Desiree was complaining we were running slow today (which we were) and all of a sudden I got a second wind and started to run faster - about 1-2 mph faster - and I was going UP HILL!

She said, 'What the heck got into you?'.

'I have no clue', I told her. Thoughts that it could be the caffeine in my diet coke I had about 2 hours earlier popped into my head. 'I just felt good and started to kick it up a notch.'

She started to fall behind because she told me she was tired today. She told me to take off and she would catch up.

I never looked back and just started to run. I let that extra energy just take hold and ran. I have no clue what that energy was about - perhaps it's the running high you get when you start running a lot. I wish I knew.

Either way I embraced the energy today and let me push me to a personal goal. What a high that is.

My next goal is 3 1/2 miles. Wish me luck! ;)

By the way - if you look at your browser's url above and look at the ICON to the LEFT of the url, you will see it's now a foot. How cute and convenient, huh?


Dawn said...

Yay for you! It takes a lot of drive & motivation to get out and exercise, so congratulations! I think it's great that you have a running buddy!

Amy said...

I would love to be able to run. I am so out of shape, it's time to start exercising again! Congrats on your 3 miles, that's great.

Melissa said...

That is awesome Briana! Congrats!

Janet said...

Wow! I can't run down the block without huffing and puffing! Good for you. Love the foot btw.

Melissa said...

How cool! I really admire that you've been able to do this with two kids and a full-time schedule! I haven't managed to work out all of the logistics yet.

Congratulations on reaching your goal!!!

Me said...

Carbs before, protein after.

That is the key.

If you ever wonder why it is easier one day than another, go over what you ate. You will find the answer there.

Sugar, will kill a run.