Monday, August 18, 2008

Recent Videos of the kids...

Here are some recent videos of the kids. Now that I have my new flip video camera, it's a snap to take video and upload it. I totally love it! :) (1 min 47 sec)

Here is a video of Joey and Justin playing nicely together. They play sooo well together most of the time. It makes me thankful they are such good friends and we had them spaced out in the ages they are (2 years 8 months).

I got a birthday card from my friend Jenny R and it had a song from Tim McGraw that said 'Bless my next 30 years' (perfect for my 30th birthday) and Justin loves how he can open the card and it plays music. Here are some clips of him with the card. (49 seconds)

Here's another but it really became a blackmail video as he decided to pick his nose. *sigh* Anyone have the secret to keep 2 year old's fingers out of their nose? (1 min 11 sec)

A cute one of Justin saying lots of words: (1 min 42 sec)

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