Sunday, August 10, 2008

Phone Oopsie...

Yesterday we went boating with Desiree and her family. More about that later.

Half way through the trip Joe hands me my phone and says, 'Great place to put it - in the bucket with all the drinks and ice'. My phone was submerged under water. I knew it was a goner.

I tried to turn it on the next day after it dried out, but it was declared death by submersion.

Off to the Verizon wireless store after Church and naps.

I talked myself into a blackberry. I've wanted one for a few years now. It was free after mail in rebate and it was about $30 more per month but I got that knocked down because I removed some features from my existing phone plan.

So now I'm a happy owner of a 'crackberry'. I got the Blackberry Curve. (the silver one on the left). I'm such a techno geek that this is all I need to put me over the edge. I told Joe I don't need a birthday dinner, this was my present. I'm all set. The heck with food - feed me gadgets.

I think he still believes that I drowned my phone on purpose....


Melissa said...

Color me jealous! That is one suh-weet phone!

Amy said...

Sweet! :) I wish I would have done this a couple months ago when I got my new phone... would love to have my email at my fingertips! :)


Janet said...

Cute blog SITS :) Found you through Maddness of Me. I really like your idea to put the weather on your side bar. Watch out...I'm an idea thief :)