Sunday, August 3, 2008

Other misc nonsense....ramblings...whatever you want to call it.

Funny things Joey has said lately.

I have an obsession with the weather channel. I do not know why. I think it's hereditary and I get it from my mother (thanks mom for the brainwashing). Most of the time in our house, the weather channel is on in the background.

One day I'm sitting in my office working and Joey yells from the living room, 'MOM, There's going to be THUNDERSTORMS in Colorado today'. I thought that was so funny. The kid doesn't even know where or what Colorado was, but he was so excited there were going to be thunderstorms there. Joey and I LOVE to watch the thunderstorms. I thought that was so cute.

Yesterday Joe and Joey were playing. Joey tells daddy, 'Daddy, I want a piggy back ride', as he's trying to jump on Joe's back.

Joe says 'Well, I'm tired and OLD'.

Joey replies, 'Now you're not! You're brand new'. HAHAHA!!!

That is sooo funny. The things that come out of the kids mouths!

Justin, lately, is inheriting my cleaning gene. He can not stand any garbage anywhere and will clean it up. He also does not like spills on the ground and will find a rag to clean them up.

When I use the bathroom, Justin normally comes in with me and sits himself on HIS potty.

Today I'm in the bathroom (sorry for the visual) and all of a sudden, he's at the door, turning the handle, walks in and proceeds to sit on HIS potty. So I guess we know who's boss around here. I just hope all this potty obsession leads to him USING it soon! I'd love to have two out of diapers!! This was the first time I've seen him turn a door handle and open a door. Boy that was a surprise!

Today we went out and bought Joe the handheld leapster game system. FYI for those thinking of Christmas gifts - he'd love games for it. So far we have NO games for it. We are going to get Letters on the Loose. Braxton has it and has learned all of his alphabet. We wanted to get this for Joey so he could work on his letters and have fun while doing it. Any other games would be great.

Oh, the other thing he wants is ANY Hot Wheels ramps or playsets - Click the links for an example of what I mean. Not matchbox, HOT WHEELS. He's OBSESSED with these. That is the only thing he looks at anymore. He also loves the SpeedRacer Toys. Braxton has the ramp that I linked over on the SpeedRacer toys and he plays with it constantly when he goes over there.

Ok, off with that.

I guess that's all for now. It's getting late and I need my beauty rest - ha! :)


Melissa said...

It's amazing the things they come up with. It took Ethan forever to talk but now it seems like he won't STOP talking! LOL!

I love that one, "No you're not you're brand new!"

Awww... what a way to make his daddy feel young!

Me said...

One of my bathrooms has Oliver's litter box in it. When I use that bathroom, he *always* comes in and uses his box.

Most people don't notice these things. I guess I'm observant that way.

Courtney said...

Both of our boys have a Leapster too. They are great. Although, Brendan has pretty much gone to just GameBoy instead of the Leapster. I guess he is getting too "old" and "cool" for the Leapster. lol