Monday, August 18, 2008

I will never forget what he said to me....

Oh I knew it was coming - One day my son would say it.

Yes, my own son would turn on me and say the phrase. I don't remembering saying it to my parents but I know I did and I'm sure they felt the same way the first time I said it.

Our conversation went like this:

Son - 'Mom, I'm hungry.'

Me - 'Well you can have a LITTLE bit of cereal but that's all because dad will be home soon and I'm making dinner.

Son - Goes and eats cereal. Comes back - 'Mom, I'm SOOOO hungry.

Me - 'You aren't eating anymore - dinner will be ready soon.'

Son - Looks at me, starts to whine and says, "I hate you".

I think I went into a semi-state of shock. I honestly am not sure if my jaw hung open, or was laying on the floor.

You know how you go to the dentist and they give you some stuff so you don't remember what happened during the procedure? I feel like I got a shot of that after he said that. My semi-shocked brain turned off.

All I can remember is I said to him, 'Joey, we never ever say we hate someone. You can say you are angry with me, but you never say hate. I will never hate you, and I love you, whether you are mad at me or not'.

Major guilt trip, that or my contorted face scared him.

He looked a bit scared and softened immediately, ran over and hugged and kissed my thigh (as high as he could reach without me bending over).

And that's how today went down in the history books. I was hoping to at least get to six years of age!


Dawn said...

He probably realized pretty quick that didn't go over well. All kids do it, so don't read anything into it, but I think you handled it perfectly!!

Melissa said...

Great way to handle that. Ethan told me he was "so sick of me," the other day. He'd heard me use that phrase in the past. After I'd told him he hurt my feelings, I got a hug and kiss, too.

It's a normal thing. I'm just sorry that it came so soon for you!

Janet said...

Such strong words for such a small person! I can remember saying that to my mom too and it still makes me feel bad to think about!

Lorrie said...

The day that DNK says she hates me will be the day my heart is broken in half.
And a day she won't soon forget..
I think your response was PERFECT.