Monday, August 18, 2008

Cast your vote!!

Every year our company has an annual photo contest. I've had friends win, but I've yet to win for anything I've submitted.

I can only submit 3 photos, so please assist me with narrowing it down.

Which are your favorites?

And always - Thanks for the help!!

#1 - Flowers

#2 - Together Bridge

#3 - Fence

#4 - Paint

#5 chasing rainbows

#6 - Curious cat

#7 - Baseball

#8 - Summer Corn

#9 - Water fun

#10 - Cow

Leave a comment below with your 3 favorites! THANK YOU!!


Rhea said...

THey're all great, but I think I Like one, two and chasing rainbows as my favorites. :o)

Thanks for visiting. I also live in McKinney. :o) We moved here a year ago. How long have y'all been here?

Melissa said...

#2 and # 5 for sure. Perhaps #1 as well. They're all good! :)

Janet said...

They are so pretty! My very favorite is Chasing Rainbows! I also like the Together Bridge and Eating Corn.

Amy said...

My favorites are the cow, cat and paint. I don't even really like animals as subjects but the cow and cat ones are stunning. They all are actually, but those are the ones that spoke to me the loudest! :)

Linda said...

So many great photos, but I do love Chasing Rainbows the best, I think. :) Good luck!

Lily said...

bridge, rainbow, that order. good luck

Anonymous said...

Three and five and chasing the rainbow.