Saturday, August 2, 2008

More at Christopher's Party

Joey has an obsession with counting things. He had to lay
ALL of his tickets on the ground and count every one.

Joey with his party hat.

Christopher and his cake.

Braxton playing with Justin up in the softplay area.
Both kids had their hands up - it was cute.

Joe had a good time at the pizza place. The pizza was fairly good. The kids had fun riding the rides and playing the games. I played one game and I never got tickets. I told an attendant who fixed the machine and it spewed out about 200 tickets. Joe told him that those tickets weren't all ours, we were only owed 3 (Joe is so honest, what a great quality).

The guy told us someone was owed them and just walked off so Joe got the tickets. That was cool.

We got Christopher a gift certificate so he can pick out what he wants. We did the same thing for Braxton's birthday party and he got a really nice gift with his money.

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Melissa said...

Looks like an incredible time! :) Peter Piper looks a lot like Chuck E Cheese. :)