Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tubing photos...

After I went, it was decided the ADULTS got a turn. Desiree man'ned the steering wheel, while her husband Mark, myself and Joe got on the tube. Unfortunately we have no photos because Desiree was driving on the lake like a MAD WOMAN trying to flip us off the tube.

There was one time Joe swore he was going off. There was a time I thought I was going to flip right off the back of the tube (I was in the middle). We hit some major wake waves and we bounced so high I thought I was going right off, but I managed to catch my grip on the tube. Whew! None of us fell off. Victory for us!!

Joe decided to go with Joey and Camille as Justin started to point to the tube and said GO GO. I guess he liked going. He was ready to go out again, so here he is this time with daddy. He had a blast! He's not even 2 and he gets a thrill from tubing! ha!

Hi mom! :)

Camille taking her toes for a dip. She didn't do this when the tube started to hit the waves!

Another cute one of the boys and Camille.

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